[TEMP CHECK] Deploy RWA Collateralization with Aave V3 version


Reental, in collaboration with Reental Master LLC, a protocol offering utility and functionalities associated with the Real World Assets (RWA) market, aims to deploy its collateralization market (ReenLever) on Aave’s V3 platform. Reental stands as a global leader with extensive experience in real estate asset tokenization, having tokenized over $25 million across four countries on three continents. It uniquely combines these security tokens with its own utility token ($RNT), delivering significant benefits to its community of over 16,000 investors.

About Reental (http://www.reental.co/))

Reental is a key player in the global tokenization of RWAs, specifically in the real estate market. It offers investment opportunities in real estate assets to users worldwide. Currently, Reental has tokenized over 65 properties across four countries (USA, Spain, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic), totaling $25 million, with a community of 16,000 users from over 80 countries. With this track record, Reental stands as the only company worldwide with tokenized properties across four countries on three continents, aspiring to become a global entity with properties tokenized worldwide and partnerships with some of the sector’s most prominent corporations: Civitas, Grupo ClerHP, M2Capital, Sibarys Capital, and others. In addition to its demonstrated traction as a leader in the Spanish-speaking RWA market over the past three years, Reental recently launched its utility token: $RNT. This tool enables the community to actively participate in the protocol, foster mutual growth, and transform user investors into stakeholders, creating a virtuous growth cycle.

Benefits for the Aave Community

Aave has undoubtedly set a milestone in the emerging crypto market, leading the P2P lending market to another level through utility token collateralization. We are witnessing a highly favorable trend and narrative regarding RWAs, and Aave can maintain its leadership by embracing the unstoppable growth of this ecosystem. Reental can contribute to this growth through ReenLever, its collateralized lending market, which is already 100% developed.

With over $25 million tokenized currently and aims to exceed $100 million in the coming months, it presents an exciting opportunity for the Aave community to continue growing and potentially serve as a source for minting $GHO, Aave’s stablecoin.

Considering Reental’s business plan and the growth of RWAs, we anticipate tokenizing over $1 billion before 2030, from which Aave can benefit through ReenLever liquidity.

20% of the generated fees will be allocated to the Aave DAO.


Reental proposes launching its ReenLever market on Aave’s V3 platform, bringing along the current $25 million tokenized volume, which could be collateralized immediately, and the potential for billions more in the coming years.

We also open the possibility of minting $GHO by collateralizing it with real estate security tokens.

This integration bridges the off-chain world with the on-chain realm through these RWAs, which are already yielding returns for investors.

Reental will assume the role of risk admin for this market, adding new properties monthly.


First submission: In May 2024, Reental will propose to the Aave DAO to deploy a testnet on Polygon Amoy.

Second submission: In June 2024, Reental will propose to the Aave DAO to deploy in production.


We are just scratching the surface of the potential of tokenized RWAs. Projects like Reental, unique for their demonstrated traction over the past three years, can provide Aave with the capacity to continue growing and demonstrate its leadership in the sector.

Examples like BlackRock showcase the potential of tokenization, but they still primarily serve institutional clients. Reental takes a more ambitious approach: it aims to merge the RWA product applied to real estate with DeFi through ReenLever, opening doors to any user and providing them with the tools to reclaim financial freedom and decision-making power.

We are confident that the collaboration between Aave and Reental will be fruitful for both parties and will showcase to the world that the union of protocols like Aave with existing RWA markets like those of Reental is highly beneficial for the ecosystem.

Thank you.


Reental is leading the real state tokenization scene in the Spanish-speaking market with his unmatched transparency with their users.

Their Web3 tech team is also really competent and can ensure this proposal could provide a lot of value to the Aave community, along making the Aave brand more visible in the Spanish-speaking community.

As a personal disclosure:

  1. I co-invested in the first real state tokenization of Reental, named “Sevilla 1”, in 2021, now closed and sold at 2023.
  2. Web3 Ops SL developed an internal Aave PoC testnet for Reental in August of 2023 to determine if their ERC20 assets are compatible with Aave, for 3400 EUR and 6300 RNT (~$1600 at time of writing).

Reental would be a great addition to Aave, bringing a new asset class to Aave V3: Real estate. Real estate tokenization seems like it will significantly contribute to the growth of on-chain asset tokenization in the coming years, so embracing it early would further bolster Aave’s leadership in the P2P lending market.
I started investing in tokenized real estate with Reental in February 2022 and have witnessed how well they manage their company’s growth, adapting to the markets’ and investors’ needs, being transparent and easily reachable through their excellent customer care service whenever questions or the need for help arise.
The projects that Reental manages show their in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, for example below the market acquisition and high returns on investment.
In short, partnering with Reental would bring strong benefits to Aave’s community.


Reental has also proven a high Web3 technical profile, developing the P2P Marketplace (through NFT positions of RWA security tokens), the autocompound monthly service for these security tokens, the DAPP (with the TNT utility token), and more.

This movement will let Reental grow faster (through a higher tokenization speed) and Aave liquidity (through higher collateral positions and markets).


Incorporating Reental´s proposal of ReenLever is a great opportunity for Aave as it represents a new possibility for this protocol, as it could incorporate one of the biggest growth opportunities that is expected to happen in the coming years, such as Real World Assets.
I have invested in Reental’s real estate since 2021, always obtaining great returns, and being a co-participant of the exponential growth it has with more than 50 tokenized properties throughout the world.
Incorporating these types of assets into Aave could make both applications more attractive. In my opinion, it would benefit both Aave users with more diversification when it comes to lending money and Reental users when it comes to maximizing their Real State investments.