[Temp Check] Possibility of Transferring Aave Accounts via NFT Accounts

Hello All,

First time posting and new to having governance discussions. So please bear with me if this is not formatted correctly or vague sounding.

I am checking to see if it would be possible to make Aave accounts transferrable via some sort of NFT rollup mechanism.

An issue I have is that I am attempting to transfer my complete Aave position (collateral & debt) to a new wallet. I am aware of using InstaDapp, but from my understanding, you are not able to on Polygon.

Would it be possible of converting your Aave position into a NFT that would allow it to be transferable to other wallets? Then once received on the new wallet, redeeming the NFT which would create your same collateral/debt positions on the new address?

This would make the whole Aave UX more user friendly.

Again apologies if this is not the correct way of posting.


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