[TEMP CHECK] Re-building Aave’s official documentation


This TEMP CHECK proposes a comprehensive improvement to Aave’s official documentation, with a focus on enhancing its structure, clarity, and accuracy. The objective is to provide a seamless user experience, facilitate developer onboarding, and improve Aave’s overall integrity and reputation.

Author: Diego Mares, leading the Cryptoversidad Team.
Date: Nov 2nd, 2023


We are considering opening a proposal to significantly improve Aave’s official documentation. Before moving ahead, we would like to gather community feedback on the problem, our proposed solution, and the expected impact. Your insights and suggestions are invaluable to us.

Why is this ARC Necessary? | Motivation

Aave’s documentation serves as the gateway for both developers and users to understand and interact with the ecosystem. However, the current state presents challenges in:

  • Navigability due to a sub-optimal structural layout
  • Clarity due to ambiguous or unclear explanations
  • Credibility due to incorrect or outdated information

Here you can see multiple examples of deficiencies, broken links, etc

These issues compromise the utility of the documentation and hinder the overall accessibility and growth of the Aave ecosystem. Addressing them aligns with Aave’s strategic objectives and offers multiple-fold benefits to the community.


Objectives and Actions

  1. Re-engineering Documentation Structure:

    • Optimize the layout for more intuitive navigation
    • Implement a table of contents and an index for easy reference
  2. Refining Content:

    • Edit for clarity, precision, and unambiguity
    • Align the language and tone with Aave’s ethos
  3. Updating All Information:

    • Validate all data, links, and guidelines
    • Ensure everything is up to date and accurate

By accomplishing these objectives, this ARC aims to provide a comprehensive solution that significantly enhances the quality of Aave’s ecosystem.


No conflicts of interest or third-party involvement in this proposal. Only the Cryptoversidad Team will be working on this.

Expected Impact

This ARC will:

  • Facilitate quicker and more effective developer onboarding
  • Simplify the understanding and utilization of Aave for a broader user base
  • Enhance Aave’s integrity and reputation

We believe this will lead to a much-improved user experience and align closely with the DAO’s priorities

Past work/experience

Next Steps

We invite the community to provide feedback, suggestions, ideas to take this into a ARFC and AIP
We look forward to your valuable feedback, suggestions, and votes.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

Diego, from Cryptoversidad

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Thank you for your proposal, @dmars300 . It has been needed for some time.

However, this proposal does not currently meet the requirements of the Aave Governance Process. To move forward with it, we would need to change it from “ARC” to “TEMP CHECK” and reformat it to align with the Proposal Template. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to send DM.


Thanks @dmars300

Can you please help us with references of your past work with technical documentation writing in other DeFi DAOs?

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Hey @0xlide, thank you for the annotation, we’ll be modifying this ASAP. I’ll let you know any questions I have, thanks!
Excited to hear more feedback/comments from DAO participants :)

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Hey @jengajojo, thanks for your question, here I share the details:

We are very familiar with Aave’s docs, since we have used it extensively to create animated explainer videos of their whole docs, see details here. Same thing with GHO’s docs and respective explainer videos.

We created 10 animated videos based off the technical documentation of Optimism, see details here.

To give you a preview of how we’d approach the Aave documentation improvement, we’ve prepared a sample. It’s an enhanced version of the “Introduction to Aave - FAQ” section. You can read it here.

We value your feedback. If you could review our sample and provide insights, it would help us align even more closely with the community’s needs and expectations.

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or need further clarifications.

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