[TEMP CHECK] TokenLogic Proposal

I will try to ask the same question here, @TokenLogic is it possible to have a budget breakdown? Some community members would appreciate to have a more granular budget in order to decide what to do with this proposal

Hi @Michigan_Blockchain,

We would encourage readers to look beyond the title of the vertical and dive into the specific tasks that are outlined to determine if this proposal represents value. There are a lot of details in this proposal and there is a lot of potential scope across the verticals which is omitted.

If the RFP process elects to divided up the various elements, we would suggest the modelling of the SM, GHO Liquidity Incentives, GHO POL and strategic assets be grouped together to streamline the DAOs operations. These are very interrelated and complex topics.

During the RFP process we will provide further details around the cost breakdown. To do so now, may adversely affect our chances of being successful during the RFP process.

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In terms of what the DAO needs, the first two things that came to my mind are:

  1. Budget - How much can the DAO spend? Feels like we are operating in the dark sometimes. How sustainable is the current rate of spending? We are responding to service provider onboarding / renewal proposals one-by-one. A more informed approach would be to figure out what our total annual budget is, and determine what % of the budget should be allocated to each vertical (risk management, treasury management, etc)

  2. Comprehensive understanding of user types & behavior - How are users using Aave? What % users access Aave directly, vs using services like DeFi Saver? What are their trading strategies and margins for various assets? For businesses to expand their user base and use cases, a good understanding of user behavior and risks would be necessary.

If anything has been done on these two fronts, please share the link :slight_smile:


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