[ARFC] TokenLogic - 6 month Service Provider Proposal

[ARFC] TokenLogic - 6 month Service Provider Proposal

title: [ARFC] TokenLogic - 6 month Service Provider Proposal
author: @TokenLogic
created: 2023-09-07


Following a successful TEMP CHECK this publication seeks to onboard TokenLogic as a Service Provider to Aave DAO.


TokenLogic has been contributing to Aave for nearly 6 months and this publication formalises our continued contribution to the Aave ecosystem by onboarding the team as a recognised Service Provider.

This funding will be used to support the TokenLogic team to deliver the scope as outlined in the TEMP CHECK.

If the DAO elects to grant an overlapping scope of work to another service provider, TokenLogic will amend the GHO stream accordingly.

If other teams within the Aave ecosystem wish to make proposal on topics TokenLogic is working on, we will proactively work with the team to achieve the best outcome for Aave DAO.


The following assets in the Treasury are to be swapped to GHO via the Aave Swap contract.

The AIP will call the createStream() method of the IAaveEcosystemReserveController interface to create a 180-day stream for 350,000 units of GHO. The following address will be the recipient of the stream:

Address: 0x3e4A9f478C0c13A15137Fc81e9d8269F127b4B40

This will allow the TokenLogic to periodically claim a fraction of the budget for the duration of the stream.


TokenLogic receives no payment for the creation of this proposal. TokenLogic is a delegate within the Aave ecosystem.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


@TokenLogic is it possible to have a budget breakdown? Thanks