[TEMP CHECK] Introducing voting seasons for Aave DAO

Authors: DAOplomats.eth (@Baer_DAOplomats, @jengajojo)

Draft Date: 2023-10-27.
Published dated: 2023-11-08


This proposal proposes the following.

  1. Introduce voting seasons for proposals starting where proposals can only be submitted on Mondays and Wednesdays due to the relatively high proposal volume in the DAO.
  2. Introduce a separate Snapshot.org space for tempcheck proposals; tempcheck.aave.eth.


The current governance mechanism of Aave DAO enables anyone to submit proposals to get vetted by the Aave token holders. Due to the relatively decentralised nature of the Aave DAO, we are experiencing a vast number of proposals both on the Snapshot and on-chain; there was a total number of 32 proposals in September and 19 votes in the Snapshot (DeepDAO.io, 28 October 2023). DAOplomats, being active delegates in the Aave ecosystem, have made the following observations.

  1. Volume of Proposals: Overwhelming number of proposals due on Snapshot and onChain is daunting for delegates and community members alike and may deter new delegates from participating.
  2. Decision Fatigue: The astonishing number of proposals could lead to uninformed and poor-quality votes by the token holders.
  3. Engagement Concerns: Many hobby participants of the Aave DAO governance will need help keeping up with the updates and cycles of the Aave governance.

To address the above-mentioned concerns and ensure that each proposal is getting sufficient attention, we propose a structured voting season on Mondays and Wednesdays every week.

This proposal is also a part of DAOplomats’ more significant aim of governance-minimised engagement for the DAO, which reduces voter fatigue and apathy.


As this proposal pertains to governance guidelines, it does not require any on-chain action or protocol changes. The proposed changes can only be implemented socially.

Voting day: Monday and Wednesday

  1. Designated Days: Proposals can only be submitted on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Historical data indicates that DAOs generally see a higher engagement on proposals at the beginning of the week, particularly on Mondays. This is likely because community members and delegates log in to the forums after the weekend, ready to engage with new proposals. By designating Mondays and Wednesdays as the official voting days, we aim to capitalise on this trend and ensure maximum participation. Furthermore, there are more three-day proposals, making more minor parameter changes to the protocol. Introducing Mondays and Wednesdays as proposal submission days strikes a balance between giving delegates ample time to review and vote and ensuring swift decision-making for matters that don’t require prolonged deliberation.

  1. Temp Check snapshot space: tempcheck.aave.eth
    Proposal authors often use Snapshot to temp check between different viable potions before submitting the final draft of a proposal. These temp check proposals often don’t carry the same amount of weight as the final draft of the proposals and should not be cluttered with the AIPs that are waiting to move to on-chain voting. Due to this Rationale, we propose to make a new space for temp check posts.


No Guarantee of Results; and Limitation of Liability:

This proposal is neutrally presented based on current community sentiment. Given the evolving nature of DAOs, there’s no assurance that the proposed changes will yield the intended results. The author(s) and associated parties are not liable for any outcomes or damages from this proposal’s implementation or lack thereof.

Next Steps

  1. If consensus is reached on this temp check, escalate this proposal to the ARFC stage.
  2. If the Tempcheck outcome is YAE, this proposal will be considered canon, and the guidelines will be adopted.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


We’re the most active DAO in the world, working for the #1 DeFi protocol.

We don’t believe in native “Athens forum” DAO BS. The DAO welcomes liquid representative democracy via delegates.

The Aave DAO recognized delegates are fairly compensated via the Orbit program. If it’s too hard for them, the ACI is happy to provide a fitting alternative opportunity.

We’ll get to rest when the last bank has been burned down, and people are financially free.

The ACI will cast a NAY vote on this TEMP CHECK.


We agree here with @MarcZeller (minus the DMV careers links which is hilarious).

Permissionless governance is enabled by a bit of chaos and not “9-5” timeslots to post. It’s definitely not an easy task, but we all work in a 24/7 - 365 operating hours industry. Adjust with it if you will.


hey @MarcZeller thanks for the quick replay, I do agree that we are not in the Athens type of governance in DAOs here in Aave, and The recognized delegates are fairly compensated, if we look at the delegation platform carefully, the most active on the platform are just Recognised delegates and a few other delegates.

I would argue that this is due to the relatively high need for initiation and the energy to follow up on the changes. The temp check is looking for a social implementation, where the proposer is self-imposing this, so it not permissioning the participation nor are we banning posting on off days.

This temp check also touches on introducing a separate space under aave.eth snapshot for Temp checks, is that also something you are totally against?

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I agree with @MarcZeller and @0xkeyrock.eth.
Why limit the DAO to working hours? If you are free and have time, reach out for Skyward programm or if you have enough knowledge and power do it on your own whenever it fits you.

Also i don’t think that new people don’t come in here because its too much to follow. Talking to other people i know that hold in part huge amount of governance token is simply because they don’t care. They delegated or even didn’t do that and just wait for a bullrun to sell. So overall, i don’t think the threshold to enter into the DAO is big, its more because people would have to work, which most simply don’t want to do and its fair enough. They have other plans than we delegates or single voter in here have.

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Problem is, this assumes the DAO works on a specific time-zone, which it isn’t.
Also, what is the point of a separate space for temp checks when real proposals are on-chain and not on Snapshot?


If by active you are referring to the extraordinarily chaotic, dysfunctional, and outdated nature of how the DAO operates, you are correct. Active is only a good quality when paired with streamlined execution. Change is inevitable sir. The question every member of the DAO should be asking is: How can we shake up the top-down driven and dangerously centralized governance model we have.

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