[TEMP CHECK] Update Aave Snapshot Space

Hi @G-Blockchain, @MarcZeller

Thank you for the feedback. We have updated the post such that Authors are active Service Providers and left the Admin role for community members to request being added. At this point in time, we are looking for contributors to express a interest to be added.

Our main goal was to become an Author so we could publish votes without any potential operational challenges. We have since removed this and will monitor how the conversation progresses.

Regarding the 80,000 proposal power. This does align snapshot with the AIP framework and overall simplifies things by removing any differences. In lieu of an alternative suggestion, we have amended the proposal to reflect this.

Hi @0xkeyrock.eth,

Collaboration between contributors can definitely improve. Contributors sometimes do work on the same thing in isolation and then post it on the forum. The duplicates of effort is more common with risk parameters and asset listings.

We publicly commented on the status of this proposal on the Flipside proposal here stating we already had a drafted proposal. We also shared a message with Service Providers via a group Telegram chat on the 27th/28th July seeking Expression of Interest for Admins. We reached out to Flipside to see if they wanted to be included as admin/author etc… It was communicated that Flipside would publish there proposal by end of weekend. We waited to 11:23pm Sunday BST and published the proposal.

Moving forward, if Flipside would like to collaborate on this proposal, we are very open to this and it would be great to work more closely together. This is our view independent of the AIP outcome. Flipside has been contributing to Aave DAO and Aave Grants DAO for a long time now.

We currently are not receiving any grants and have declined the Orbit program funding. We did not know that TokenLogic would be referenced in the Cancel Llama proposal and further context was provided here.

On a more positive note, we do share this view regarding delegates being authors and those that are interested should express this in the comments. If Flipside or Keyrock want to do a Discourse proposal that would be nice. ACI is doing great job and improving the robustness is also a good thing.