Hi everyone,

I’m currently working with a project that will soon launch a physically-backed uranium token.

It’s called Uranium3o8.

  • Our goal is to democratize ownership of uranium through the introduction of a novel, on-chain, tokenized Real-World Asset (RWA) for enhanced diversification

  • The aim is to create a transparent, liquid uranium market that disintermediates third-party brokers and enables secure delivery of physical uranium for eligible participants

  • This will provide stability, value, and easier access to exposure to a vital commodity that is rapidly growing in importance as clean energy generation increasingly comes into focus around the globe

  • Our team has a forward sales agreement with a uranium miner contributing 20 million pounds, and each token represents one pound of third-party verified and audited uranium, ensuring its value and tracking sourcing of the commodity from the mine

  • Nuclear power become a pillar of the fight against climate change, and is driving a transformation in the uranium market expected by experts to result in a 100% demand increase by 2050, per the [IAEA]

  • We are committed to educating both the crypto and resource communities about the synergies of nuclear energy and blockchain, and fervently championing a clean energy future

Our team looked into AAVE’s isolation mode, and we think it could be a great fit - any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, and please feel free to visit the below for more info and to stay up to date on our latest news:



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