[Tooling] LBS Blockchain - Envoy Proposal Alerter

The problem

As delegates sitting across multiple protocols it can be difficult to keep track of all the new proposals and executive votes coming onto the platform.


We have developed an internal tool called Envoy that we use to keep track of new and expiring proposals. It is a simple Node.js application that regularly scrapes the governance page and forwards alerts to a frontend Telegram bot. We have also integrated Hal to deliver Snapshot alerts, although it doesn’t (yet) send alerts for poll deadlines.

We are sharing this tool with the Aave community in case other delegate teams run into the same problem. You can now join the Telegram channel here to start receiving alerts: Telegram: Join Group Chat

We have developed a similar tool for Maker which you can find here: [Tooling] LBS Blockchain - Envoy Proposal Alerter - Governance - The Maker Forum


Any feedback or suggestions on the tool would, of course, be greatly welcome.