Track your Aave(v1,v2) live positions along with P&L

Hi Fellas!

We’re building DeFi deep analytics platform, where you can keep track of your portfolio across multiple blockchains & wallets. We’ve integrated Aave(V1 & V2) you can keep track of rewards including the Aave tokens you’re getting for locking your liquidity in the governance with effective P&L & collateralisation ratio. Not only your live postions but we’ve also made tax friendly transactions page where you can get capital gains/losses, gas fees paid on all your txns. If you would like to give a try here’s an invite: Shunya - DeFi tracking simplified



that looks cool, but i would suggest to move this thread to “other” instead of governance.

Thanks, how can I move the thread?

Would be happy to give it a try but the accept invite button send a POST message who is unauthorized (401). In the UI, the button does nothing.


Everything is working fine now, please check