Radish<>Aave | Proposal for new Governance UI / Power Delegation and historical data with visualizations

Hello, Denny here :wave:

I’m the founder of radish.la. We recently applied to a grant to enhance Governance UI with on-chain/snapshot proposals, data visualization of vote/proposal power and historical data about delegation and proposal creation/participation.

We made this mockup UI in figma and planned a 3 month roadmap to develop upon approval.

Radish is formed by a group of engineers with knowledge on real-time solutions and banking services(ex Scotiabank, SPOT, Ualá and Telefónica), apart of that we love coding and learning. Our goal is to make the Aaave ecosystem better by giving it’s holders functional, correct and error responsive solutions.

Read our complete proposal copy at AAVE Governance

Hope to get feedback, any suggestion to make the platform better for Aave holders is welcome. You can ping me on tg as @d3portillo or even mail at denny@radish.la


wow! that looks so cool! :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Hi @D3Portillo the mockup you made looks very cool and some historical data could be something that would benefit being displayed. But i dont see how and why this little change costs so much money. You are asking for 39k and 90 Aave upfront. Maybe im just not familiar with the service and prices for this but for me this seems so much and i think the @AaveCompanies could easily implement this feature too within days without the need to pay that much.
So the benefit compared to the costs and what already exists is not visible to me. Sorry

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Hi @D3Portillo,

These look cool, but I don’t think they are original. To me, it seems like a design copy of snapshot.org with some additional features.

I agree with @EzR3aL on the fee proposed. For the effort required the cost is pretty high.

Maybe a collaboration with the @AaveCompanies and refinement of the costs can work?


Hey @EzR3aL thank you for taking a look to the proposal, and as you can see in the budget details. We’re putting the most effort on Frontend. This is not a re-design of the current views.

Our team is adding the ability to make on-chain proposals from Contract along with the off-chain method using Snapshot, basically having both within the same governance UI.

We are also adding the ability(apart from the Data Visualization) to delegate vote and proposition power when viewing a holder within the platform, you can see it’s Delegatees and Delegators. We can also add the feature where one Guardian can cancel the proposal and optionally leave a reason.

Talking about the budget, I agree that upfront payment and the sum USDC + AAVE can be less. Nevertheless we cannot reduce developers budget. Maybe we can reduce roadmap down to 2 months and Project Management budget which adds up to having the platform available within a shorter time frame.

I’m glad you like the screens @G-Blockchain. We took snapshot.org design as reference because that’s what we are accustom to. For the budget, we can ship it in shorter time frame and no upfront : )

Hi @D3Portillo,

I work in the Product team and would love to get on a call to provide some feedback.

Could you message me on discord to schedule a time?

Sent you a dm @0xGraham. You can ping me on Discord too, Denny Portillo#0086 or telegram, d3portillo : )