Translate Aavenomics to Chinese

I am fan of the Aave and want to bring the Aavenomics to Chinese Community, wish to get your approval and support!


Is there a downside? This seems like a great idea :+1:t2:

Community members who complete activities like this should be rewarded via the ecosystem reserve. Every bit counts!

Yeah, I am going to start translate

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Thanks for taking the initiative! My brother and I have been doing Chinese translations, community management and connecting more advanced crypto projects to professional marketing agencies we trust. (

For translations we charge low market price ($0.1/word), and introducing Chinese marketing agencies / managers we do for free :)

We’d love to translate eg. the docs and the website.

What’s the best way to do a proposal for a number of tokens from the ecosystem reserve?

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Can vouch for this team. Great team.

YUP, Im very hope for Aavenomics come for Taiwan