[Temperature Check] 1% Transaction Fees For Planet

This post is gauging interest and searching for collaborators in formally proposing that 1% of AAVE transaction fees go towards RedemptionDAO.

What is RedemptionDAO?
27 Million Hectares of protected rainforest are up for auction in the Congo. This is a larger plot of land than all of the National Parks in the USA combined. The bidders are oil companies looking to exploit the land for resources. A grassroots team of over 200 Web3 environmentalists formed RedemptionDAO (redemptionDAO on twitter) to try to raise the funds to win the auction, allowing the continued protection of the land by helping the community earn carbon credits for the avoided deforestation of the peatlands and trees in this area. Donors have already pledged $74,000 but this isn’t enough. AAVE has the opportunity to show the world that web3 can make positive change in the world.

AAVE has the chance to make an impact on the climate crisis, raise awareness about the DEX, and change the public perception of crypto.

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Not in favor of this proposal.

you guys didn’t even do basic research to understand is not a DEX but a liquidity protocol.
1% fee on deposits/borrow would have catastrophic consequences on Aave.

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I have the same opinion as Marc. The 1% fee it’s totally out of the game, not in favour if this proposal.

Same for me, not in favour.

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Agree, 1% of transaction fees doesnt make sense

However I would be interested in the assessment of how much carbon has been emitted by Aave transactions, and how big of a forest Aave would need to offset it over the course of the next decade

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Really appreciate this feedback.

You’re totally right. I have a climate background and am still trying to get up to speed on crypto. Sorry about that. Would love to learn more from you about why this would have catastrophic consequences. Any resources you’d recommend?