Update on AIP 216 and 217

We would like to inform the community that due to an unexpected withdrawal of our proposition power delegation, AIPs 216 and 217 were canceled before being executed.

We are collaborating with other contributors to put forward these important proposals while working on regaining the proposition power.


Hello, AIP-222 & AIP-223 are the new 216 & 217.

The ACI at your service frens.



Thanks @MarcZeller for putting these forwards and for the quick turnaround!

We invite the community to vote again on these proposal in 24 hrs:

  1. Supply and Borrow Cap Updates Aave V3

  2. Risk Parameter Updates Aave V3 Polygon


Optimism wstETH 6,000 12,000


15 May 2023, 05:16 UTC +01:00

Even the vote had been executed , why is Optimism wstETH still 6000 supply cap after 9 hours ?

There is a delay as the governance message crosses the bridge and enters the L2 Executor timelock.

You can see the delay here OptimismBridgeExecutor it is currently set to 172800 seconds or 2 days.

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Thanks ser.

Do you have the delay figure of Arbitrum ?

Thanks again

Same times for Polygon PoS and Arbitrum

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hi, 48 hours have passed, still no effect?