Updates on Aave Health/Collateral Liquidation Notifier

Hey everyone, I got the aave grant a while back ago to create a notifier for when your aave balance health gets too low and requires more collateral

Just wanted to post an update that it is nearing completion! We will release the site link next week along with some instructions on usage

I will post updates here on this thread for anyone who is interested in trying it out and if anyone has feedback later feel free to post here as well!


Hi everyone the site for the aave notifier is up! https://www.aavenotifier.com/

Sign ups for new users currently aren’t available yet.

I am testing the notifications personally right now and will open it up in a few days assuming the testing goes well.

Would appreciate any feedback on the site at the moment and I will repost after testing when sign ups are open for the web app. Thank you!


Aave notifier is official ready for use! If you’d like to get notifications when your aave collateral value on ethereum or polygon drops close to liquidation you can sign up here: https://www.aavenotifier.com/