Aave mobile notifier app

Hi, dear Aave community! I am glad to announce Aave Alarm, an open source mobile app to track your aave positions and notify you of low health factor & lqiuidations. I hope it will improve your mental health since you won’t have to constantly check health factors of your positions anymore - you will be able to rely on the app and sleep better! :)

This app will be made by me, Alexey Nebolsin, Ethereum ecosystem builder. During the last year I’ve been working on rotki, an open source portfolio tracker, where one of my main responsibilities was to integrate Ethereum protocols into the app. One of the integrations that I touched was Aave, so I am already familiar with the insides of the protocol.

In more detail, this app:

  • Will allow tracking multiple addresses on all aave-supported chains
  • Both aave V2 and V3 will be supported
  • Will display a breakdown of supplies and borrows of each address
  • Will show some aggregated stats (total supplied, total borrowed, net APY, health factor)
  • Most importantly: will notify you of critical events like low health factor or liquidations

There were previous attempts to make a mobile app for aave, which did not succeed. The key difference of this app is that it will be dedicated to notifying users of low health factor & liquidations. So it’s smaller and more specific. I estimate that this app will take short time to develop (around 3 weeks), so stay tuned!

Follow my Twitter: https://twitter.com/nebolax
Follow the Twitter of the app to get updates on the work: https://twitter.com/aavealarm
Star & follow the project’s repo to contribute / monitor the code: GitHub - nebolax/aavealarm: Mobile app that tracks your aave positions and notifies you of low health factor

I will be very happy to hear your feedback and/or feature requests in the comments to this post! Also feel free to tag me on Twitter. I check & reply to everything.