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Hi everyone !
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I’ve been soooooo waiting for this :heart:
Congrats team!

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Glad to see Aave headed in this direction.

Collective “Ghost Bank”?:thinking:

I say yes.

Let’s get weird!!!

AAVE is paving the way! Congrats. I’m curious to understand how governance is set up to tackle big stakers from driving their own personal agenda.

Hello folks!!! <3


Long life AAVE RIP Lend ghost

Excited to be here and take part in the governance of the protocol :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! I am really excited about the new Aavenomics. It has my expectations widely exceeded, especially incentivizing safety governance other than incentivizing LP for the new Aave tokens issued.

The Aave holders are rewarded for governing Aave markets and safety of the protocol is in my opinion crucial for the long term growth & sustainability of Aave. The Defi space is still immature and thus protocol safety is of ulmost importance.

Overall, this new Aavenomics has clearly been well structured with the brightest minds. Kudos to the Aave team and whoever took part in it! Thanks :slight_smile:


hola buen dia a todos, tengo LEND en intercambio, hay otra forma de conseguir mas LEND?

been invested from 2017… i love aave but im not happy and it seems peopel are over looking the extra 3 million tokens its one thing to make it 1 to 100 and total of 13million… but creating 3 million tokens out of thin air feels like a massive slap in the face when you invest in something cause its a grate project but the token burn is appealing to people. the total should be 13million and if aave should use feees to buy token to then use as rewards and burn insted of watering down and missdirecting poeple by going 1 to 100 oh and there a extra 3 million


There’s a topic discussing this here I recommend you check out: Do we like Aavenomics?

That said, I understand where you’re coming from, but if the 3 million is used to grow the protocol I think it’d be more beneficial than not minting it at all.

The growth from what these 3 million tokens will be used for will likely outweigh any negatives from minting them in the first place. Especially given how they’re introduced - only ~500k of the 3 millions will be introduced in the first year.


growing the project is what fees are there for. use the fees to pool funds to grow the project. it dont matter how there introduces the fact remains that while making it look like a deflation of the tokens there actully inflating the supply. Fiat… this makes me thing of eth and how they spllit into eth and eth classic cause of the role back and now years later eth classic it thinking of doing a role back WTF… whats to stop them for trying to do it again make it 16milliom to 1.6million and put another 400k to make a total of 2 million…if a project is will to do it once , its a matter of time till its done again… poeple lose faith just like the dollar

do you know what date the voting is finalized ?

noooo ghost is cool lol want to get a lend ghost for my car ha ha ha ha

I love Aave and I love governance :)

I am concerned about 3m tokens added above current token count reverse splitted. That is 23% dilution and will affect current token holders big time. I hope that is taken into consideration.

Welcome to the forum @shawman123!

This additional allocation is being discussed over here if you want to join: Initial discussion: AAVE reserve emission for safety and ecosystem incentives

Some important things to note from that thread are:

  1. LEND is an old token, it is likely that a chunk of the supply 15-30% won’t get migrated at any point, almost nullifying the additional tokens.
  2. The additional tokens serve a purpose that incentivizes growth of the protocol as well as better secures it - they’re not just being created to fund a team or something silly.
  3. The tokens do have a release schedule, so after 1 year only 500k of the 3000k will be in circulation at that point, this allows the growth to better adopt this additional allocation.

Though there’s a lot more feedback in the thread itself. Cheers!

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los que no tenemos conocimientos técnicos donde podremos hacer el intercambio de Lend?

Puedes hacer el intercambio en la Aave App https://app.aave.com/home
El “Migration Portal” esta en el menu de la izquierda

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