World one-size-fits-all DAO idea

Hi all,

my name is Marcus and I start to research in crypto. Regarding DAOs there came up a question in my mind. Imagine in 5 or 10 years the head-to-head race is over and there a only a couple of (important and big) DAOs. Do you think it is possible to manage people with different prosperity, political interests and backgrounds within one DAO? How would you propose a working system? In my limited imagination, I find it very hard to imagine the future. We do not need more and more solutions for non-existing issues. We need a simplified world. Please feel free to give me your insights.


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I mean there are already DAOs including Maker and AAVE that “people with different prosperity, political interests and backgrounds”.

The key point is once you have a structure and incentives, it doesn’t matter what’s your background or even being a cat behind the screen, that’s the beauty of trustless system

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