Update on correlated-price asset onboarding

ACI wants to update the community regarding the current correlated-price assets that have been in progress. These assets have been eagerly anticipated by the community, and they are now moving forward.

As previously discussed, correlated-price assets like ETH liquid staking tokens have been incorporated under the Correlated-Asset Price Oracle (CAPO) that has been developed by BGD and recently passed AIP voting.

Assets that have already passed ARFC voting stage are currently in expedited onboarding process now that CAPO is complete.

Liquid staking and restaking tokens:

  • sfrxETH
  • osETH
  • ETHx
  • weETH

Interest bearing stablecoins:

  • sFRAX
  • stEUR

Additional assets are in TEMP CHECK or ARFC comment process and will be expected to be implemented with oracles under CAPO:

  • wbETH
  • BNBx
  • sUSDe

While the community is eager to onboard these assets, there is still some additional work to be done before final AIP and listing. CAPO is not the only dependency for correlated-price assets. Each LST/LRT and stablecoin needs to be evaluated ad-hoc, security wise, in order to make a reasonable 1:1 assumption that can then be implemented in development.

We request the community be patient while this evaluation and work is done, and rest assured that each asset is working it’s way through the necessary process for timely onboarding.


Hi @ACI, thank you for these. I would like to request that the interest bearing stablecoin OUSD be added to the list of stablecoin for evaluation for the Correlated-Asset Price Oracle for implementation on Aave. The OUSD proposal from 2023 can be found here: [ARC] Add support for Origin Dollar (OUSD) on Ethereum V3

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