Aave DAO Messari Governor Coverage Announcement

Hello Aave Community!

My name is Ryan and I work as a Governance Analyst at Messari. We’re excited to announce that we recently added coverage for Aave Governance on our Governor product! Messari Governor tracks and summarizes discussions and proposals across forums, Snapshot, and on-chain governance. We also added a governance profile detailing Aave’s governance structure and process.

If you would like to add or update any information in your governance profile, please feel free to suggest edits. Any feedback is welcomed. We would love to know how you use Messari Governor!

Also, we would be happy to demo the product to the Aave team or broader community to highlight how it can be valuable and chat about other governance services we can provide (ex: The State of Optimism Governance).

We hope the Aave community enjoys using Governor!


Hey @Raho - thanks for the update.

It seems awesome and we are grateful for tools that better inform new users and token-holders.

To my recollection, the proposal for a formal Aave Risk DAO never passed.

Are you referencing the RiskDAO, which was funded by Aave Grants DAO?


Hey Fig! Thank you for bringing this up! We’ve adjusted the governance structure to reflect this :slight_smile:

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