AAVE Forum Scam (Support Messages)

Wow, life didn’t prepare me for this.

I created a topic for a form with a question.
Within a few minutes, I received 2 messages at once that AAVE has technical support.

It all looked normal enough.

Fake support asked me to create a secure connection. I immediately thought that the private and public keys of the wallet address would be used as encryption. I did not see any catch, everything looks logical.

Then I was told that I needed to have ethers on my account. And again, I did not see the catch, because I knew that in order to get my public key, at least one transaction on the network must be made from my address. I topped up my account with 1 ether, but when they told me that there should be at least $500, that’s when I realized what a fool I am.

I managed not to reveal any of the private keys of the wallet that I use. I used every time new wallets without money.

However, I think that this form of fraud is very successful if there is weak support on the forum.