How to withdrawl money?

I started to work with Aave-3v month ago. I still try to figure out how need to withrawl money from account? How need to pay maintenance fee? I invest small amounts. If I know more about Aave I will by interest to invest big amounts. Did somebody can to help, understand how everything is work? Thanks

Hi, not sure what is your issue
But generally you can deposit or withdrawal any amount without issues,
first you need to select a chain on the right top corner etherium/avalanche/arbitrum, then select to connect you wallet and connect it, then you can see you positions on dashboard, on right side there are you deposits and on the right side is borrows. Idea is simple, you put one asset to borrow another asset, if you would like to earn some percents just put asset and don’t borrow

for e.g you can put ETH and borrow back usdc 60% (better not more to don’t be liquidated during volatility) of what you deposited

Hi all,
I am having issue with AAVE account.
I opened the account last year through a friend inviter. Nothing was mentioned about maintenance and operation fee (M&O). I was hit with a fee of $3000. I was unable to withdraw until the fee was paid. Never withdrew from the account. The friend who introduced me to AAVE assisted me partially in paying the fee by sending payment direct from her account to the address provided by the little secretary. A screenshot was provided so as to send to the secretary to credit my account.
Fee was paid. I wanted to make some withdrawals after the fee payment but l was told by the secretary the account is frozen until I proof the account belongs to me because according to the secretary, the system suspect multiple account holders on my account. Aave is demanding l should deposit a collateral amount same as the amount l have in credit before l can have access to my investment.
Can someone help me here? The account is frozen and l have no means of mining it.
Is my money lost?
Why not proof with ID to authenticate true ownership of the account?
Why is paying collateral is the only option to proof the ownership!

Im having the same problem. Did you solve this issue?

Did you manage to solve the issue? Im having the same issue

Hello Nalu,
Nice to hear from you I thought l am the only person in such situation.
No l haven’t been able to withdraw. I really want to have a contact line to speak with a real person who will reason with me than the robotic secretary.
My account is frozen and the system is demanding a collateral deposit before l can access.
Have you spoken to a human being with your issue?
What are your plans?
Please let me know.

Hi all,
as Aave is a decentralized protocol there is no account needed. You will only need a wallet and a wallet provider like Rabby to use Aave.
Depending on what you did, you will probably have to repay your loan. Including all the fees that occured in this time. Also you deposited some kind of collateral and depending on your health factor and how the price of this asset changed you will have to top up your collateral.

I recommend checking the docs from Aave or maybe some youtube video can help you with your loan.

Also there is no person you can really talk to, you could only try asking someone in the discord but you would have tp provide some more information and beware, there are a lot scammer.

Hi! there is for me to withdraw problem. Little secretary wrote to me…
“Hello, the reply from the technical team is that you need to deposit 10,000 USDT into your wallet and leave it for 24 hours to restore the wallet balance. After the wallet balance is restored, your money will automatically arrive in your wallet.”
Is this true or fraud? Any idea?

Anyone contacting you is a scammer should be moe than obvious. Also what if you only have like 200$ in Aave, where should you get 10k USDT? Just think about that for a second.