How to withdrawl money?

I started to work with Aave-3v month ago. I still try to figure out how need to withrawl money from account? How need to pay maintenance fee? I invest small amounts. If I know more about Aave I will by interest to invest big amounts. Did somebody can to help, understand how everything is work? Thanks

Hi, not sure what is your issue
But generally you can deposit or withdrawal any amount without issues,
first you need to select a chain on the right top corner etherium/avalanche/arbitrum, then select to connect you wallet and connect it, then you can see you positions on dashboard, on right side there are you deposits and on the right side is borrows. Idea is simple, you put one asset to borrow another asset, if you would like to earn some percents just put asset and don’t borrow

for e.g you can put ETH and borrow back usdc 60% (better not more to don’t be liquidated during volatility) of what you deposited