Aave Liquidation Calculator?

I’ve been trying to find a decent Aave Liquidation Calculator based on manually editable variables such as:

  • Deposits
  • Borrows
  • Liquidation Threshold per Asset
  • Adjustable Price of each Asset

Which should then return important data such as:

  • What % draw down when you will get liquidated (HF 1.0)
  • Price of ETH of this % drawdown of liquidation
  • Your HF if market drawdown by X%

So far I’ve found this really amazing tool (not by me) that has most of what is needed: GMI Tools - Defi Software for Those Who Will Make It. However you can’t currently “Connect with Wallet” or easily save specific addresses to track.

How come Aave doesnt have a tool like this? I’m worried a 3rd party tool might have incorrect data such as when assets might change liquidation thresholds or when new chains are supported.

It seems HF is used since Aave uses multicollateral instead of something like MakerDao, but it would still be super useful to have a way to test future HF based on a wider market drawdown by different percentages.

edit: I did see this old post, but found the spreadsheet hard to use (and doesnt support alternate chains). Adding a Health Factor Calculator to Aave

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Hey !
I’m preparing a specific calculator for DeFi, you can follow the ethglobal road to web3 hackathon, in 2 weeks I’ll publish some things about it, with liquidator calcultator and many others stuff very cool to optimise strategies with prediction