Adding a Health Factor Calculator to Aave

If this is already been planned, please just ignore this.

Adding a Health Factor Calculator would be a great addition to Aave. As a lending protocol, users would be able to precisely calculate hypothetical HFs on Aave’s actual platform in order to make informed decisions.

I know @Oaksprout has a very useful HF calculator for V1:

I just think that for V2, it would be great to have a calculator like this integrated directly on the platform in some form.


Here is a tool I built for V2


Awesome !
Thank you it’s a great tool

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Fantastic Alex! This is very useful.

I continue to believe we should have some sort of simulator/calculator like this accessible on the Aave app itself. I bet a lot of people would be constantly using it!

Hi Alex. I’ve tried opening the file again and it seems to be throwing errors and has protected cells now that I can’t edit. Is it possible to get it functional again? Thanks!

Hi @dux
Sorry about that, CoinGecko’s API seems to be having issues pulling the prices
Should be resolved soon, otherwise you can copy the file in your own drive and input the prices manually

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Thanks Alex! I’ll keep an eye on it.

Hey @Alex_BertoG I copied the file in my google drive but somehow in the tab “Coingecko prices” the prices are not current. is there any way to trigger the api call to coin gecko it just doesn’t work and I need to input price of my token by hand? Thank you in advance!

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Hi @ricky_01
I have just opened the spreadsheet and the prices seem refreshed, though sometimes the CoinGecko API is down
Its reading the prices via JSON so you need a script to read it. To check go in Tools > Script Editor > the file is . If this is not on the duplicate you just need to copy it from the original spreadsheet

Why hasn’t this been implemented yet?
Wanted to borrow an extra amount, trying to find out what my new liquidation price would be, was very hard.
even just a number when you input a number under “borrow”, that immediately tells you all the info that would change. Instead of only the health factor. As health factor is an arbitrary number.

Have you tried the spreadsheet I have shared above?