Grant Overview: DeFi Simulator's Asset Risk Parameter Editor

I’m Caz, the developer of DeFi Simulator, an open source Aave debt simulator. DeFi Simulator recently received a grant to implement our Aave asset risk parameter editor. Thank you to AGD and the Aave ecosystem for this opportunity, I’m excited to deliver this new feature!

The existing DeFi Simulator asset editor UI

Project Description
The project will consist of an intuitive UI in the existing Defi Simulator interface. The UI will make the following asset risk parameters editable:

  • Liquidation Threshold
  • Collateral Loan to Value
  • E-Mode Liquidation Threshold
  • E-Mode Collateral Loan to Value
  • E-Mode Category
  • Supply Cap
  • Borrow Cap
  • Borrowable
  • Collateral Enabled

As in other editable fields within DeFi Simulator, changes to these values will trigger real time feedback on overall position information such as health factor, asset liquidation price scenario, and borrowing power.

This enhancement will give users the power to precisely understand how changes to asset risk parameters affect their position, and further understand how these governance changes pair with other user actions or potential market changes. Further, this integration can be a tool for any Aave ecosystem stakeholder to get a more nuanced understanding of how a particular governance proposal may affect any particular position.

Additional Features
Along with the asset risk parameter editor, this grant sponsors additional tangential features, including eMode support, enhanced asset details, and integrating solicited feedback from the community. These additional features will help us in our goal to become a premier tool for users in the Aave ecosystem.

I will be leaving updates in this thread as we release related features on a rolling basis. Please leave any feedback or questions here and I’ll respond ASAP.

Thanks again to the Aave Grants DAO and the greater community for this opportunity to enhance UX for end users and provide this new utility to all stakeholders and governance participants.



Discord: DeFi Simulator

Grant proposal overview


Update: In the last few weeks, in preparation for the main feature of the grant, we’ve released some new “additional” features in the app:

  • Accrued Interest per asset (experimental): most positions now show the amount of interest accrued on each supplied / borrowed asset.
  • Full support for simulating positions in E-Mode and Isolation Mode.
  • Direct links to relevant market explorer for each asset’s aToken and the underlying asset token.
  • Brief history information for the asset (i.e. when was the asset first supplied/borrowed by the user).
  • Supply/Borrow APR.
  • Asset current Liquidation Threshold / Max Loan to Value.

These changes to the app pave the way for the release of the risk parameter editor, coming soon!

As always, feel free to leave any questions or feedback here or in our discord.