Aave Weekly: Protocol Performance & Governance Update

Aave Weekly 2022W5.pdf (295.4 KB)
and Aave News: Aave V3 is Live on Seven Testnets, MiniMice Spotlight, and More Community Updates

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Hi there @0xbilll,

Love these reports as they are very helpful in understanding the protocol’s financial performance. I do have a few questions about the mechanics of the Ecosystem Collector percentages and overall fee generation.

  • Interest for Depositors: It appears, after some rough calculations, that the Ecosystem Collector receives ~11% of the total fees generated from interest. For example, Avalanche generated ~$1.2M for Interest for Depositors and $148K for the Ecosystem Collector which puts the % of total fees generated from interest at 11% = ($148K/($1.2M + 148K)). Can you please confirm this logic and if there is a fixed % that the Ecosystem Collector is allocated from loan generation?
  • Liquidations: After taking the sum of the liquidations across all markets, the total for liquidations comes to $32,539,122. The report has total liquidation fees at $6,739,528. Does number from the report come from the weighted sum of the liquidation bonuses outlined in the Aave documentation?

After reviewing a few of these, I think it would be helpful if you added a header for the bottom right chart that states Fee Generation Summary, and some other call out that states the Ecosystem Collector and Liquidations fee calculations.



Hey Matt! Thanks for the questions, glad to see the report is helping you better understand Aave’s performance

  • what you’re looking for here is the ‘Reserve Factor’ which “allocates a share of the protocol’s interests to a collector contract as reserve for the ecosystem.” The % is different for each asset, see Risk Parameters for the amounts
  • yes, the calculation is correct though it looks like you’re pulling the total Liquidity Mining Distribution amount :)

Appreciate the suggestions. The top left summary has most of that info so it’s a good call out to make it more explicit. The whole report will need a serious revamp once V3 launches and there are more chains than columns allowed on a visibly appealing Excel sheet summary :sweat_smile:

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Aave Weekly 2022W6.pdf (288.6 KB)

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Aave Weekly 2022W7.pdf (288.2 KB)

Hi @0xbilll , please do you mainly get your data for the weekly report from the AAVE V2 Liquidity API and from the Graph? Would be good to know where you source the data from as i’m interested in helping the community create an interactive dashboard.

Aave Weekly 2022W8.pdf (285.5 KB)

Yes, it all comes from the graph APIs!

Hi! help me plz - i collect various data for polygon defi - mb you have special version only for polygon AAVE part?

The version I have is what is shared - nothing hidden :)

Checkout DappLooker’s User Retention Dashboard for something specific to Polygon

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@pollipop_deltatheta Let me know for any specific question related with Aave <> Polygon User Retention data Analytics. For what purpose you are looking data?

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Aave Weekly 2022W9.pdf (292.5 KB)

Hello Team,

Both Aave Ethereum and Aave polygon dashboards are updated with february data and metrics.

Aave Ethereum User Retention Dashboard
Aave Polygon User Retention Dashboard

Custom charts can also be built from here.

cc: @0xbilll @ShreyashK

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Aave Weekly 2022W10.pdf (294.9 KB) and this week’s Aave News!

Hi guys - any reason why there are no more weekly reports?

Hey, yes - the API has not been working properly. I’ll update when it’s back up.

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Can third parties access the API? Would be great to pull in the data directly

Yes, we get everything from the Graph. e.g. v2 here: https://thegraph.com/explorer/subgraph?id=CvvUWXNtn8A5zVAtM8ob3JGq8kQS8BLrzL6WJV7FrHRy&view=Overview

Looking forward to the update, this was ~6 weeks ago.

Also didn’t AAVE pay $85k to LlamaDAO to produce these reports?

hey, still working to bring these reports back

these are not by Llama though - they make monthly reports with full financial stmts, most recently here.