Aave Weekly: Protocol Performance & Governance Update

Has anyone spent time building a projection model for aave revenue based on these weekly trending reports?

AAVE Weekly 2022W25.pdf (216.9 KB)


AAVE Weekly 2022W26.pdf (217.1 KB)

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Hello Everyone,

Both Aave Ethereum and Aave polygon user retention dashboards are updated with June data and metrics.

Aave Ethereum User Retention Dashboard
Aave Polygon User Retention Dashboard

Custom charts can also be built from here.

cc: @0xbilll @ShreyashK


Hi, do you know what happened to reports for weeks 11 to 24 of 2022? These seem to be missing.

Thanks Bill, the Llama reports are also running a couple of months behind.

And the weekly reports seem to have re-started, but with a gap of 14 consecutive weeks. Do you know if these will be produced?

AAVE Weekly 2022W27.pdf (221.1 KB)

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Aave Weekly Aug. 29 - Sept. 4