Aave Weekly: Protocol Performance & Governance Update

They are saved in a community treasury. The tokens are put back to Aave protocol to generate yield.

You can check the treasury wallets here:
Ethereum: DeBank | DeFi Wallet for Ethereum Users
Polygon: DeBank | DeFi Wallet for Ethereum Users

Aave Weekly 2021W41.pdf (286.9 KB)

Hi @0xbilll and @Alex_BertoG, is the RFP still open? I had a chat with Corbin Page via 30minute Zoom call and he said i should apply

Yes! The RFP for an Aave Weekly Analytics Report is still open. I would encourage you to apply :)

Aave Weekly 2021W42.pdf (287.1 KB)


Aave Weekly 2021W43.pdf (286.6 KB)

//Nov 1st:
Editing this post as I am restricted to only making three consecutive posts in a thread. Someone please reply!

Aave Weekly 2021W44.pdf (291.1 KB)

Aave News for the past week just dropped as well!

Design a POAP to win $1000, Forta Agent Contest, Sacred AMA, Precautionary AIP, and More


@0xBill - I’ll take the bait, here’s the reply!

Thanks for the update and continuous hard-work.


Thank you for taking the bait and for the kind words, @fig!

Aave Weekly 2021W45.pdf (297.7 KB)


AaveWeekly2021W46.pdf (293.2 KB)

Latest Aave Weekly Aave Weekly 2021W47.pdf (294.4 KB) and Aave News on Fireblocks AIP, Centrifuge RWA Market, New Liquidity Mining Program, and More

//Edit: Aave Weekly for this week Aave Weekly 2021W48.pdf (290.0 KB)

//Edit: Latest week:
Aave Weekly 2021W49.pdf (290.7 KB)

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thanks for the weekly report… let’s rise and shine together…

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gm! r&s with the latest Aave News and updated Aave Weekly:
Aave Weekly 2021W50.pdf (289.4 KB)

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Aave Weekly 2021W51.pdf (291.2 KB)


Happy holidays! Aave Weekly 2021W52.pdf (291.4 KB)

& a happy new year! Aave Weekly 2022W1.pdf (292.1 KB)

Aave News 2022W2.pdf (287.7 KB)


Hey @0xbilll , where did you get the data for polygon and avalanche from?


Hey there! The data is pulled using the Graph, see here for Polygon: https://thegraph.com/hosted-service/subgraph/aave/aave-v2-matic?version=current

Aave Weekly 2022W3.pdf (292.5 KB)

Thank you for this weekly report. Very helpful to follow these updates here. @Wraithers FYI, great updates. :clap:

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Glad you find them useful @crzyc :smiley:

You can also subscribe to Aave News and get Aave Weekly (+ more updates!) sent to your inbox each week!

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