AAVE withdrawls / deposits

I recently withdrew some AAVE from my Binance.EN account and transferred it to my Binance.US account utilizing an ERC-20 token address. The TXid shows a successful transfer. Yet, I have not seen the transaction come thru into my Binance.US account and it has been a few weeks. My understanding is AAVE uses the Ethereum blockchain for transferring assets (in this case, an ERC token). Was I wrong in thinking this? Have my assets been lost? What more could I do to find out where my AAVE tokens have gone? Any help on this discussion topic would be greatly appreciated!

I have also lost AAVE in a transfer, I have traced every part of the transaction, it was sent from my Gemini trading account and requested to convert into Ethereum in my Etoro Wallet.
To do this Gemini request an address to send it to, so I logged into my Etoro wallet and clicked on Ethereum to request a deposit, Etoro then produced a QR code and my wallet address which i simply clicked to copy, back to Gemini, pasted the Etoro code and confirmed.
All the Hash and Transactions back this up…however in never reached my wallet and has taken 8 days of intense investigation to find out that is back in the main AAVE account.

This appears to be an ongoing situation, but I have all the proof that the coins are not being stolen by Hackers they are simply not being delivered through the blockchain…the transactions appear to be untraceable, but they are!
AAve is a con

This appears to be a premeditated fraud by AAVE themselves. However, with the sender, in this case Gemini being listed on the transaction and the destination wallet address being mine registered with Etoro, in addition the block chain records confirming both and the conversion to Ethereum, we should assume that the compliance bodies will investigate the sender and the receiving bodies.

This is not a hacker it is AAVE, stop posting your problems on their site and ring the national press

It seems that you sent funds from Exchange 1 to Exchange 2, but should have send from Exchange 1 to Wallet, then from Wallet to Exchange 2. Reason is that Exchange 2 thinks that it received funds from Exchange 1 instead of you. Because sender’s address is not yours, but of the whole exchange platform. It’s like yelling from the crowd, receiver don’t know who’s yelling until you step up and show your face :D