Accidentally sent AAVE from my exchange account to AAVE Contract Address instead of Hardwallet address - Can we vote to allow reversal of these type of mistakes?

Hi AAVE fam, recently (stupidly) I sent AAVE from my Coinbase Pro account to AAVE’s contract address. They were shutting down Coinbase Pro and I was scrambling to move tokens out. I intended to send it to my personal external wallet, but somehow whitelisted the AAVE contract address instead. Ridiculous I know.

But here’s the thing… reasonably we should be able to get tokens back in these type of situations, which don’t involve a human third party. Could we make this a proposal to be voted on? Honest mistakes happen. How can we expect major adoption if we are punished so harshly for a simple mistake where there is no harm no foul, AND the proof is sitting on the blockchain.

I would love our community to lead the way in creating procedure to return tokens that are innocently and mistakenly sent to the contract address. Help please. Thank you


you have to wait. See this thread for more information.
BGD. Rescue of tokens locked on Aave. Overview and Phase 1 - Development - Aave


sorry to announce your AAVE assets are lost, even with the mentioned “rescue plan” the sending address is Coinbase and only Coinbase will be able to withdraw from the rescue contract.

it’s a shame that in 2023 Centralized exchange & wallets do not implement simple checks to the destination address and give an alert to the user if this address is a token contract, all this was preventable…

I’m closing this topic now.