Arbitrum - No Matching Key

I keep getting an error message in Arbitrum-V3 when trying to make transactions or switch tokens:

“No matching key.”

What in the world is this? I’m trying to switch my funds from ETH->Arbitrum and this is stalling all my progress. I try new browsers, disconnecting/reconnecting, mobile, lowering amount, increasing slippage, etc and this keeps happening… I’m just trying to switch tokens and supply tokens, but this error always pops up.

Is Arbitrum just a more glitchier/touchier system to use than ETH? Am I missing something?

I think I may have ‘somewhat’ resolved my own issue by completely restarting my mobile device and browsers on laptop, reconnecting the wallet to only the Arbitrum Chain so that only a single app/device was connected to the service. It seemed to clear everything up, but still minor hiccups. Way better than trying multiple browsers on multiple devices though. Maybe it just needs a dedicated connection to function/flow better?