[ARC] V3 Borrow Cap Recommendations (Fast-track) (2022-12-05)

Simple Summary

A proposal to add Borrow Caps for seven (7) uncapped assets and amend the Borrow Cap of nine (9) assets across four (4) chains in v3.


In continuation of the successful vote on V3 Supply Cap Recommendations for Uncapped Assets, Chaos Labs proposes to add Borrow Caps to V3 assets, using the AAVE V3 Borrow Caps Methodology.

This proposal follows the fast-track process for increasing borrow caps as outlined here.

This ARC will focus on assets that are currently not utilizing e-mode.






Next Steps

In the next 24 hours, we will share a Snapshot for a community vote.

After setting the initial caps, Chaos Labs will continuously monitor and examine the markets and provide recommendations given significant changes in the supply and borrowing rates of different assets.


Link to Snapshot vote below.
Voting period is from December 6th, 4 PM EST to December 8th, 4 PM EST.



Thats too early for a snapshot. A forum post should be at least 3 days there to be discussed before creating a snapshot for it. Not going to vote for i now.

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Hi @EzR3aL, as mentioned above, this proposal follows the Fast-track process for supply and borrow cap proposals, which allows for proposals of this nature to be put up for a Snapshot vote after being in the Governance forum for 24h. More details on the Fast-track process can be found here.

Chaos Labs has followed the same guidelines in our previous proposal for V3 Supply Cap Recommendations for Uncapped Assets.

We’d be happy to answer any questions regarding this proposal and hope you could participate in this vote given this clarification.



my bad i mixed it up.
Just forget about my comment. :sweat_smile:


We have published the AIP to execute the changes voted on in the snapshot:

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Please note that we have discovered a minor discrepancy between the AIP payload (1,115) and the number presented in the table (1,155) on the original post for WBTC on Arbitrum. As the number in the actual payload is lower (meaning a slightly more conservative cap than originally presented), we do not recommend any further action.
We apologize for the honest mistake.

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Appreciate your being upfront about it and reacting before it was executed, look forward to a rigorous process for all risk contributors coming out of this.