[ARFC] Aave Funding Update

Hi @EzR3aL

How did you know? We will soon be sharing a preliminary frontend containing all the active streams and allowances for the community to view. It will be basic and we intend to continually iterate by adding new features over time.

Hi @lbsblockchain,

We certainly agree this is standard work for any finance team and all the information is readily available on-chain. Consolidating it and making it more accessible is value additive.

Whilst looking at the Runway and the current infrastructure, we identified a need for the Aave DAO to have the functionality of being able to move funds between various networks. Our low cost solution can be found here. The upgrade to the Aave Swap contract further enables the community to change the composition of the DAOs funds to match its expense profile on Ethereum. The introduction of TWAPs, Limit Orders and Tenderly tooling expands the functionality of what can be achieved via the AIP process.

This tooling combined with the Skyward service offered by ACI breaks down barriers and enables any community member to present proposals to move funds around. Much like how the risk dashboards by Chaos Labs and Gauntlet provide valuable insights and Skyward enables any community member to suggest changes to any risk parameter.

Hi @Kene_StableLab,

Thank you for the feedback. We will always adopt the direction of the DAO and if that is to increase the spend in this area, the runway can be updated to reflect this.