DAOplomats Delegate Platform

Delegation Address Information

Name: DAOplomats
Delegate Address: 0x057928bc52bD08e4D7cE24bF47E01cE99E074048
Delegate ENS Address: gov.DAOplomats.eth
Forum Username: @Baer_DAOplomats, @Jengajojo
Website: www.DAOplomats.org

Twitter: https://x.com/DAOplomats

Our Voting Activity: Boardroom


Hello Aave! We are DAOplomats, a governance-as-a-service organization, helping DAOs with their governance, treasury management, grants programs, and community-building initiatives. We established and run the governance department at BanklessDAO, as well as a Recognized Delegate Program at 1inchDAO [Link 1]. We are now working on the 1inch Grants Program [Link].

Our Values

  • Objective Decision-Making: We design and implement decision-making frameworks that enable us to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis to arrive at conclusions.

  • Decentralization: We believe in highly distributed power structures and strive to push decision-making power to the edges.

  • Positive Sum: We strive to make our interactions positive whenever possible to allow the maximum number of stakeholders to benefit via collaboration.

DAO Vision & Goals

Empowering Aave Adoption and GHO Stablecoin Utilization:
We are committed to promoting the adoption of Aave’s innovative DeFi products and services within the broader crypto ecosystem. Our efforts will extend to advocating for and facilitating the usage of the GHO Stablecoin, enriching Aave’s ecosystem and contributing to its growth.

Cross DAO Collaboration and Building Strong DAOlationships:
We aspire to narrow the gap between DAOs by fostering cross-DAO collaboration. Our goal is to build robust and cooperative relationships, termed “DAOlationships,” that transcend individual DAO boundaries. DAOplomats are active governance participants in numerous DAOs, including 1inch and Bankless. We aim to leverage our human capital to build positive-sum relations between DAOs, thus enabling us to collectively address shared challenges and opportunities in the DeFi space.

Community-Centric Education and Participation:
We recognize the pivotal role of community engagement in the success of Aave. To that end, we will prioritize education initiatives aimed at spreading awareness about Aave’s features and benefits. Additionally, we are dedicated to actively involving the Aave community in governance decisions and other activities. Our approach ensures that Aave’s growth remains community-driven and decentralized.


Our members are active governors in the DAO space, such as SafeDAO, Euler, 1inch, Vita DAO, Collab.land, Bankless etc, We will disclose potential conflicts of interest in our rationale whenever it is applicable.

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[ARFC] Treasury Management - Amend Safety Module AAVE Emissions
Voted yes : DAOplomats aligns will the general motivation in the proposal concerning B-80AAVE-20wETH deposits.

[ARFC] Treasury Management - Update Balancer Ecosystem Holdings
Option 3: Agreed on Karpatkey’s suggestion to use auraBAL yields to generate yield.

[ARFC] KNC onboarding on AaveV3 Ethereum market
Yes: adding KNC to iso mode will open new landing markets without compromising on the overall risk

[ARFC] STG onboarding on AaveV3 Ethereum Market
Yes: adding STG to iso mode will open new landing markets without compromising on the overall risk.

[TEMP CHECK] Add FXS to Ethereum V3
YAE: Given the strategic positioning of the Frax Protocol, we see significant merit in introducing the FXS asset into the Aave Protocol. Such an integration has the potential to not only enhance value for FXS token holders but also generate value for the Aave ecosystem.

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[TEMP CHECK] Add FXS to Ethereum V3

Voted: Yes

[ARFC] Transfer Assets From Polygon To Ethereum Treasury
Missed the vote
[ARFC] Enhancing Aave DAO’s Liquidity Incentive Strategy on Balancer
Missed the vote

[ARFC] Further increase GHO Borrow Rate

Missed the vote

Add DebtSwapAdapter as FlashBorrower
Voted yes

[Onchain]Gauntlet Recommendations to Lower stMATIC/MaticX non-emode LT/LTV on Polygon v3.

Voted: Yes; we generally agree with the rationale proposed with
Gauntle’s recommendations on lowering stMATIC, MaticX non-emode LT/LTV on Polygon v3 to improve the risk profile associated with MATIC LSTs.

[Onchain] Gauntlet Recommendations to Lower WETH Variable Base to 0 on Arbitrum, Optimism v3

Voted Yes: We support this proposal to reduce the base rate to 0 on the Arbitrium and Optimism Money Markets.

v2 Deprecation Plan, 2023.10.03

voted yes in favour of enabling the v3 and ensuring a smooth transition.

STG onboarding on AaveV3 Ethereum Market

Voted yes in alignment with our temp check vote, by adding STG to iso mode will open new landing markets without compromising the overall risk.

Fund GHO Liquidity Committee

vote No: we agree with the overall rationale of the proposal and the necessity to uphold the Pegg.

Governance V3 Activation

Voted: yes, We are pleased to back this latest version of the Aave DAOs Governance Contracts. This upgrade enhances the Aave DAO’s readiness to handle the growing governance activities stemming from the valuable work being accomplished within the Aave ecosystem.

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[TEMP CHECK] stEUR Onboarding on Aave V3 Ethereum Pool
Voted Yes: Adding Staked EUR as a collateral-only asset for Aave V3, adding to Aave’s position in the Decentralised Stablecoin ecosystem.

[TEMP CHECK] CRVUSD Onboarding on Aave V3 Ethereum Pool

Voted Yes. Adding CRVUSD will strengthen the positive competition of the stablecoin issuer Aave and Curve and diversify Aave’s stablecoin portfolio.
[ARFC] Aave Events & Sponsorship Budget

Voted Yes: rAAVE Event: Hosting this event strengthens the Aave community, emphasizing cultural unity and promoting the protocol

[ARFC] Add FXS to Ethereum V3
voted Yes
[ARFC] Gauntlet recommendation for MAI / MIMATIC deprecation

voted Increase Borrow Rates + Option 1

[ARFC] Upgrade Aave V3 ETH pool wETH parameters

Voted Yes: The Proposal enables the DAO to be profitable in the positions and make changes according to market dynamics.

[ARFC] sDAI Onboarding on Aave V3 Gnosis Pool
Voted Yes: Adding sDAI as on Gnosis will reflect to the ongoing needs for the token on the Gnosis chain.

[ARFC] Treasury Management - Add to rETH Holding Voted Yes: Adding rETH to treasury will increase its yield on the ideal and also supports the decentralised ETH staking

Voted Yes. The ARFC’s ACI Phase II proposal helps foster growth and strengthen Aave’s governance and representation

[ARFC] Aave Funding Update

voted yes: Support this proposal as it proactively prepares Aave DAO financially for anticipated service provider expenses over the next six months

[ARFC] Treasury Management - Tooling Upgrade.

Voted yes: This enhances Aave DAO’s financial stability by enabling fund transfers across multiple networks efficiently and securely.

[ARFC] Chaos Labs - CRV Aave V3 Polygon - LT Reduction - 10.28.2023
Voted Yes

[ARFC] GHO - Increase Borrow Rate
Voted Yes: We agree to increasing Borrow Rate to manage the peg for GHO token and attract more borrowing against GHO.

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Futher Increase GHO Borrow Rate
Voted Yes: DAOplomats agree to increase the GHO borrow rate as a mechanism to support the peg.

Disable Stable Borrows
Voted: Yes
GHO - Increase Borrow Rate
Voted: Yes, DAOplomats agree to increase the GHO borrow rate as a mechanism to support the peg
Voted: Yes, agree to the reduction of the emissions currently without disturbing the TVL in the Safety module
Reserve Factor Updates - Polygon Aave v2
Voted Yes:
Upgrade Aave V3 ETH Poool wETH parameters
Voted Yes
Chaos Labs CRV Aave V3 Polygon LT Reduction
Missed vote due to coordination inefficiencies within DAOplomats
wMATIC Interest Rate Update
Missed vote due to coordination inefficiencies within DAOplomats
Upgrade Aave V3 ETH Poool wETH parameters
Missed vote due to coordination inefficiencies within DAOplomats

[ARFC] wMATIC Interest Rate Update

Voted: Yes- 5.0%, We support this proposal as it aligns borrowing costs with LST yields, boosting wMATIC demand.
[ARFC] Aave Swap Upgrade
Voting yes as the proposal promises enhanced swap functionality, diligent testing, and strategic funding that aligns with Aave’s growth

[TEMP-CHECK] Create an Aave Financial Management Working Group

Voted yes because the FMWG will bring specialized financial expertise, improve Aave’s financial health, and drive better-informed decisions

[ARFC] Increase Stablecoin Optimal Borrow Rates
Voted Yes: Supporting this proposal ensures Aave’s stablecoin rates align with the market, reducing deadweight loss and volatility.

[Temp Check] GHO Bounty for Integration Issue Detection
Voted Yes as it aligns Aave’s stablecoin rates with the market, reducing inefficiencies, ensuring fair pricing, and enhancing the lending ecosystem.
[ARFC] Treasury Management - vlAURA

voted yes: This ensures efficient AURA asset management, empowering GHO Liquidity Committee for strategic decisions and reinforcing governance.

[ARFC] TokenLogic - Retrospective Funding Proposal
Voted yes due to the proven track record of his TokenLogic and their significant Aave DAO contributions, supporting retrospective payment for impactful governance initiatives.
[ARFC] Arbitrum USDC Migration

Voted Yes, we agree with the recommendations in migrating to native USDC
[ARFC] Increase Uopt for Stablecoins on all V3 Deployments and RF on V2 Ethereum
Voted Yes, as we generally do with the Gaumlet recommendations.
[ARFC] Authorizing Use of Grace Sentinel
Voted yes, as this gives the DAO the option to make informed decisions based on the recommendation made by the service provides.

[ARFC] CRVUSD Onboarding on Aave V3 Ethereum Pool
Voted Yes: This CRVUSD integration proposal strengthens Aave, diversifies stablecoin options, and builds synergies with Curve.

[ARFC] Treasury Management - auraBAL

Voted Yes: This supports creating a secure auraBAL contract, enhancing control, yield, and efficient fund management for the Aave

[ARFC] Gauntlet Cap Recommendations for Polygon v3
Voted Yes: Voting yes implements Gauntlet’s recommended supply and borrow caps, ensuring responsible management of agEUR and jEUR on Polygon’s Aave v3

[ARFC] Chaos Labs Risk Parameter Updates - Increase MKR Debt Ceiling on V3 Ethereum - 11.07.2023
Voted Yes: Voting yes increases MKR debt ceiling, aligning with market conditions, supporting liquidity, and facilitating responsible growth on Aave V3

[TEMP CHECK] Qualify the security incident 04-11-2023 as a shortfall event
Voted Yes; our interpretation of the incident tends us to recognize it as a shortfall event, addressing losses caused by unforeseen smart contract risks and ensuring compensation. We acknowledge risk managers’ faster intervention in preventing massive fund losses.

[ARFC] Onboard Native USDC to Aave V3 Optimism Market
Voted Yes, as we agree with the rationale for supporting the native version of USDC rather than the bridged version.

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