Introducing "Skyward" - A Free Service for Aave DAO by Aave-Chan Initiative

Introducing “Skyward” - A Free Service for Aave DAO by Aave-Chan Initiative

Hello Aave Community,

We are excited to announce the launch of a new service by the Aave-Chan Initiative (ACI) - “Skyward”. Inspired by the spirit of aviation and the aspiration to reach new heights, Skyward aims to streamline the journey of Aave DAO proposals from inception to final vote.

Skyward is a free service dedicated to assisting Aave DAO members in navigating the proposal process. If you’ve published a standard TEMP CHECK and successfully passed the TEMP check snapshot, you can request ACI’s assistance to write the ARFC, publish it on snapshot, and if successful, write the proposal code and publish the AIP for vote.


Our goal with Skyward is to make the proposal process as smooth as possible, providing guidance and technical assistance every step of the way. We believe that by making the proposal process more accessible, we can encourage more community members to participate in Aave’s governance, fostering a more vibrant and diverse DAO.

At launch, Skyward will cover the following types of AIPs:

  • Asset Onboarding
  • Risk Parameters Change
  • InterestRate Strategy change
  • Supply & Borrow Caps Change
  • Emode Activation
  • Asset Offboarding

For other types of AIPs, ACI will evaluate the work required on a case-by-case basis and propose support when possible. We can also support proposals from scratch, write TEMP checks, and publish snapshot TEMP checks, but we reserve the right to select the proposals we want to assist at this stage.

Here’s how Skyward works:

  1. TEMP CHECK: You publish a standard TEMP CHECK and successfully pass the TEMP check snapshot.
  2. ARFC Request: You request ACI’s assistance to write the ARFC.
  3. Snapshot Publication: ACI publishes the ARFC on snapshot.
  4. AIP Creation: If the snapshot is successful, ACI writes the proposal code and publishes the AIP for vote.

Skyward is completely free of charge and open to everyone. The ACI will cover every proposal project, regardless of its origin. However, please note that the ACI reserves the right to vote for these proposals according to their delegate platform. Using Skyward does not guarantee a YAE vote on proposals.

We believe in the power of decentralized governance and want to contribute to the Aave community by making the proposal process more accessible to everyone.

We look forward to assisting you on your journey through the Aave DAO proposal process. Safe travels!

The Aave-Chan Initiative Team

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Great initiative!

Could you dive deeper into how the ARFC request stage would work and maybe how to label it within the forum so that there is a clear differentiation between ARFC ready for snapshot and ones needing “Skyward”?


skyward is intended to be lightweight and seamless,

From today, Any TEMP CHECK post that passed snapshot successfully can ping me with @MarcZeller requesting the service and if the ARFC is inside the scope of Skyward, we take it from there and will proceed ASAP with following governance steps.


This is awesome and could encourage other people to be active even if they don’t have any voting or delegation power. Very cool Marc!


That’s going to be extremely powerful to get more propoals available into the governance game!


Very smart idea! I really like this project.


This is the true spirit of a thriving community with exceptional forward looking and positive attitude. Well done @MarcZeller


This is a great initiative that lowers the hurdle of community members seeking to contribute to Aave Protocol. With this spirit in mind, we would also like to signal here, that we are very open to receiving inbound requests for support/guidance when preparing the [TEMP CHECK] and/or [ARFC].

Together we can create a really open, collaborative community. This is a great initiative by ACI and we look to support any way can as this is the type of behaviour/initiatives enable Aave to continue being a leader in the ecosystem.


Great to see the Skyward initiative from ACI. Thank you for relentlessly adding value to the community!

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I second this, great work!


This should be helpful to move good proposals along quickly without key details going unnoticed. :ghost:
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This is a great initiative to gain efficiency on proposals. Smart and simple.