[ARFC] Gauntlet Cap Recommendations for Polygon v3 2023-11-03

Per Gauntlet’s supply and borrow cap methodology, we recommend setting supply and borrow caps for agEUR and jEUR. Currently agEUR borrowing is disabled as borrowing and cannot be used as collateral. jEUR is frozen. Despite this, all assets should have supply and borrow caps.


Chain Asset Cap Current Recommended
Polygon agEUR Supply - 300k
Polygon agEUR Borrow - 250k
Polygon jEUR Supply - 120k
Polygon jEUR Borrow - 100k

Next Steps

Post snapshot on 2023-11-13.


Chaos Labs supports the proposed caps.

We have published the snapshot here.

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AIP published here.

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AIP-380 has been executed. We thank the community for their participation.

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