[ARFC] LDO Emission_Admin for Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism v3 Liquidity Pools

title: [ARFC] LDO Emission_Admin for Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism v3 Liquidity Pools
Author: @llamaxyz - DeFi_Consulting
Dated: 2023-01-26

Simple Summary

This proposal is to enable Lido to distribute LDO rewards across the Aave v3 Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism Liquidity Pools. The Emission_Admin role for LDO on each network is to be assigned to a wallet controlled by the Lido DAO.


Lido seeks to distribute LDO rewards across to the various Aave v3 deployments. To achieve this, the EmissionManager function assigns an owner to the Emission_Admin role for LDO on each respective Aave v3 deployment, [1,2].

The wallet with Emission Admin permission for LDO on each aave v3 deployment then controls the distribution of only LDO rewards across the respective Liquidity Pool.


Enable Lido DAO to distribute LDO rewards across the Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism v3 Liquidity Pools.

The Lido Liquidity Mining Committee (LMC) determines the emission rate and duration at which LDO rewards are offered.

Typically, the LMC meets and determines the next 30 days of LDO rewards on a rolling basis. This means each month, the committee will determine if to extend the LDO rewards, or change the amount of LDO being offered across the various Aave v3 Liquidity Pools.


The EmissionManager, a governance controlled function, assigns the Emission_Admin role for a specified token, LDO.

The Emission_Admin role controls the distribution of the specified token, LDO, across the specified Aave deployments.

The Emission_Admin can distribute LDO anywhere across the Aave v3 Ethereum Liquidity Pool.


Set Emission_Admin permission for LDO to the following Lido address:

Network LDO Address Emission Admin
Ethereum 0x5A98FcBEA516Cf06857215779Fd812CA3beF1B32 0x87D93d9B2C672bf9c9642d853a8682546a5012B5
Arbitrum 0x13Ad51ed4F1B7e9Dc168d8a00cB3f4dDD85EfA60 0x8C2b8595eA1b627427EFE4f29A64b145DF439d16
Optimism 0xFdb794692724153d1488CcdBE0C56c252596735F 0x5033823F27c5f977707B58F0351adcD732C955Dd


[1] Rewards - Developers
[2] aave-v3-periphery/IEmissionManager.sol at master · aave/aave-v3-periphery · GitHub
[3] Creative Commons — CC0 1.0 Universal


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0, [3].


Thanks you for your proposal,

Complete support from ACI, Lido supporting Aave growth is a win-win for every parties involved.

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Hi Everyone :wave:

We will be proceeding with a Snapshot for this proposal, with voting commencing tomorrow and extending over the weekend, finishing Monday at midday BST.


Llama has create a payload for this proposal. It is current at the internal review stage and will go to @bgdlabs for peer review upon completing the internal review.


In full support, thanks for the proposal @Llamaxyz!

Extra incentives never hurt