[ARFC] Grant OP Emission_Admin for Optimism v3 Liquidity Pool to Lido DAO

title: [ARFC] Grant OP Emission_Admin for Optimism v3 Liquidity Pool to Lido DAO
author: @Llamaxyz , DeFi_Consulting (@MatthewGraham )
created: 2022-02-15


This proposal is to enable Lido DAO to distribute OP rewards across the Aave v3 Optimism Liquidity Pool.

The Emission_Admin role for OP on Optimism is currently assigned to the Optimism team and is to be transferred to Lido DAO.


Lido seeks to distribute OP rewards across to the Aave v3 Optimism deployment. To achieve this, the EmissionManager function reassigns an owner to the Emission_Admin role for OP, [1,2].

The wallet with Emission Admin permission for OP then controls the distribution of OP and LDO rewards on the Optimism Liquidity Pool. This proposal will enable LDO and OP rewards to be distributed across the Optimism v3 deployment.


Enable Lido DAO to distribute OP rewards across the Optimism v3 Liquidity Pools.

Lido DAO is about to receive a grant nominated in OP tokens that are to be used for bootstrapping the adoption of wstETH on the Optimism network.

The Lido Liquidity Mining Committee (LMC) will be determining the emission rate and duration that OP rewards are offered on the Aave v3 deployment.

Typically, the LMC meets and determines the next 30 days rewards to be distributed on a rolling basis. This means each month, the committee will determine if to extend the OP rewards, or change the amount of OP being offered across the Aave v3 Liquidity Pools on Optimism.


The EmissionManager, a governance controlled function, assigns the Emission_Admin role for a specified token, OP, on each respective network.

The Emission_Admin role controls the distribution of the specified token, OP, across the specified Aave deployment.

The Emission_Admin can distribute OP anywhere across the Aave v3 on the Optimism Liquidity Pool.

Emission Admin: 0x5033823F27c5f977707B58F0351adcD732C955Dd


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Complete ACI support for this synergistic proposal between Aave & Optimism

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If Aave is receiving these rewards from Lido, does it mean wstETH is coming to Aave?

In full support! Thanks @Llamaxyz

Hi Everyone, :wave:

Llama has created a Snapshot to progress this proposal through the governance process.


Thank you to everyone for contributing to the discussion.