[ARFC] Retrospective Funding Proposal

title: [ARFC] TokenLogic - Retrospective Funding Proposal
author: @TokenLogic - @MatthewGraham
created: 2023-11-03


This publication propose a retrospective payment that recognises @TokenLogic contributions to the Aave DAO over the last 6 months.


In light of the Request For Proposal (RFP) issued by StableLabs, it is an opportune moment to outline the specific tasks that TokenLogic will accomplish before the Aave DAO selects a preferred financial service provider. This publication catalogs TokenLogic’s past and ongoing involvements with the Aave DAO, acknowledging the team’s valuable contributions while also establishing a path for a seamless transition in alignment with the outcome of the Request For Proposal process.

The lists below encompass most of our contributions thus far, excluding efforts on projects that didn’t materialize. Additionally, we have outlined a limited scope of forthcoming work that we intend to undertake as part of this funding proposal.

15 Submitted AIPs

8-9 Planned AIPs


7 Proposals Beyond Aave

Analytics Platform

Further details about this initiative can be found here.

GHO Launch Support

TokenLogic coordinated the BAL and AURA incentives to support launching GHO on Balancer.

The table below provides a conservative estimate of the value of the voting support:

Asset Amount Duration Quest Price Total
vlAURA 400,000 12 weeks $0.0085 $40,800
veBAL 165,000 12 weeks $0.045 $89,100

The Aura Finance team extended their support with 400,000 vlAURA for a duration of three months. In the initial weeks, dedicated members of the Balancer community contributed over 4% of the veBAL supply. The table provided above is based on an assumption that accounts for 2.5% of veBAL supply in July and considers the current veBAL Quest price. It’s important to note that this data underestimates the actual value of the votes that TokenLogic procured and offers significant context for readers.

It’s important to note that some voters may have opted to support GHO pools independently, without requiring active engagement from the Aave community.


We request an additional $115k for the work detailed above, bringing the total compensation to $130k.

This figure was derived from wages and software licenses used to support hosting the GHO Analytics platform.


If this proposal is approved, the amount is to be transferred to a TokenLogic-controlled account (0x3e4A9f478C0c13A15137Fc81e9d8269F127b4B40) as the recipient.

The transfer will be equivalent to $115k USD in GHO.

Next Steps

  1. If consensus on ARFC stage is reached, escalate to ARFC snapshot stage.
  2. If ARFC snapshot stage outcome is YAE, escalate to AIP stage.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


I think it is fair to say, that @TokenLogic did a great job in the past and has already great future steps planned. The asked amount is fair compared to other amounts that have been asked and the speed they are bringing.
I am supportive


Fair work deserves fair pay, Retro funding has full ACI supports

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