BGD. Rescue Mission Phase 2&3

Dear bdglabs, AAVE and whole community.
Almost 2 years ago I’ve made a mistake, that haunted me since then. A “typo” mistake that cost me a lot of money, but more in term of believing in myself.
That money was lost for me. You can make a bad trade, but just burn a year savings from stressful job…it was hard to deal with.

Now, thanks to You I’ve got back my DAI.
I’d like You to know, that It is more than few bucks for me. I’m very, very, very thankful for bringing back my peace of mind. I will never forget Rescue Mission, this community and the thing that AAVE didn’t leave us with guilt and shame.

We are still very early in Crypto World. I promise You, this will never be forgotten.



Guys, when i fill with my address keeps like that “Loading”

Is that ok or do i need to do something?


@jmcgranado the payload on avalanche is yet to be executed by the guardian, that is the reason you see the loading on the UI. Once it is executed, you should be able to claim your tokens.

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Perfect, thank you very much!!

any update on when this will be executed?

thanks in advance!

Thank you. The solution worked flawlessly for me and I was able to recover all my lost funds (DAI) in my case. It’s been a long wait but well worth it. Kudos to AAVE for developing the solution.

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We would like to inform the community (cc @jmcgranado , @fame-o, and everybody else concerned) that the Avalanche side of Rescue Mission Phase 2&3 has been executed by the Aave Guardian, and claims should be available.

Now all claims included in this final Phase of the Rescue Mission should be available.

Dear @bgdlabs
I recently made a mistake transfer to AAVE USDC V3 (Ethereum) Pool and do not see my address on the Github list nor i can rescue anything through GUI.
If i understand correctly this thread, the Ethereum part of the rescue mission was already implemented,
How may i include my address so i may use the GUI?

For clarification with the community.

The Rescue Mission projects are ad-hoc efforts, which require doing different types of actions in the protocol to release the funds locked by mistake.
That means that after one Phase has been executed, funds from all previous Phases are claimable via the smart contracts (and, but newly locked funds, no.

For newly locked funds, a new Phase should be executed, once the operational effort is proportional to the funds to “rescue”, or sufficient time has passed.
It is also worth it to notice that there is no need to submit any request here, as the team that will execute any rescue mission will scan all the Aave contracts (same as before), and include all addresses eligible there.

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Hi - thanks bgdlabs again for this effort. My transfer was about $250 worth at the time (back in May of 2023, so not a new tx), below the $1k threshold. Wondering if there has been any consideration to lower the threshold so I can rescue my stmatic tokens. Would really appreciate it!!

Dear @bgdlabs, has sufficient time passed for a proposal for a new phase of rescue mission to be implemented?

@bgdlabs, @harshpandey has sufficient time passed for a new phase to be implemented for rescuing funds locked after October 2023?

Hello @CryptoAB . Currently there is no timeline for a new rescue mission, but we will evaluate soon when could be feasible.

As we commented before, mind that this process is quite ad-hoc, and so a relatively long time between new phases is expected. But ideally this should happen every year.