Blockworks Research Delegate Platform

Name: Blockworks Research
Wallet Address or ENS: blockworksres.eth
Tally Profile URL: Blockworks Research

Blockworks is a media and events company focusing on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. We provide high-quality content, research, and insights to help investors, entrepreneurs, and industry participants stay up-to-date on the latest developments. Our services include daily newsletters, a podcast network, research reports, events, strategic advice/consulting, and access to a network of service providers that can bring meaningful attention to any project in the space.

Thanks to the success of our media arm, we built out Blockworks Research: A team of DeFi power users enamored by the potential for decentralized organizations to change the world for the better. We are adept at data analytics (both on chain and traditional), risk assessment, community building, and evaluating new technologies. Our analyst team has sector and protocol-specific coverage, which empowers us to be experts in our respective niches.

Our strength and skills come from our passion: DeFi and DAOs will help remove rent-seekers and benefit the average person worldwide. We are here to foster this overarching goal. Our team spends an immense amount of time in documentation, governance forums, GitHub, Discords, and Telegrams, following important protocol stakeholders to stay in the loop and using our expertise to create informed opinions and strategies.

We are already a top 10 delegate with the Arbitrum DAO and are looking forward to contributing to Aave as our next significant endeavor into governance.

Why should you delegate to us?:
We hope to be a steward in maintaining and bringing an excellent user experience, great partnerships, and an ethos of decentralization to Aave. Our analysts spend their days in in the depths of DeFi as both active users and participants in governance conversations, allowing for an in-depth perspective on Aave and its place within the industry. This enables us to put Aave’s best foot forward with respect to both competitive advantage and risk mitigation.

As delegates, we commit to actively participating in the governance process and are prepared to expend resources in pursuing Aave’s growth and prosperity. We will utilize our DeFi expertise and data-driven insights to vote in the best interest of the protocol, avoiding unnecessary pitfalls and contributing to its success.

Blockworks Research swears to act on behalf of the Aave DAO to the best of our abilities.