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Key Info

Delegate Address: 0x43D3938Ebd74106e2d177f9A304C1E9f914f2b52 | bristolblockchain.eth
Tally Profile URL: Bristol Blockchain Society
Boardroom URL: bristolblockchain.eth
Discord: BBS Discord
Twitter: @Bris_Blockchain
External Website: @bristolblockchain.eth | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree


We are the Bristol Blockchain Society, a non-profit organization founded in November 2022, based at the University of Bristol, a top 5 UK engineering research university. Our group consists of around 50 active members from various academic backgrounds, including computer science, law, economics, engineering, and PhD students. Our society has two primary arms:

  • Education: We are committed to promoting blockchain education by organizing workshops, seminars, and guest lectures to increase awareness and understanding of blockchain technology. Our educational initiatives cater to a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts, ensuring that our members have access to the resources and support they need to further their knowledge in the field. Last month, we hosted a successful event in collaboration with Coinbase, attracting nearly 100 attendees.

  • Governance: Our Governance arm actively participates in the governance processes of several prominent blockchain projects, including Arbitrum and dYdX. By engaging in governance, we aim to contribute our diverse expertise to help shape the future of these ecosystems in a way that promotes decentralization, inclusivity, and innovation. Our involvement in governance is driven by our passion for the blockchain space and the desire to contribute positively to its growth.

Though we are a young society, we firmly believe that our dedication, enthusiasm, and diverse expertise more than make up for our relative youth in the space. We are constantly working to improve and expand our knowledge base and are eager to contribute our skills and insights to the Aave community.

Delegate Statement (why you should delegate to us)

Our commitment to Aave governance began in July 2022 when we joined the Aave Governance Forum. Aave’s UK-based origin resonates with us, being located in the same country as our society. We believe it is one of the best-governed protocols in the space, and this deep connection, along with our admiration for its exceptional team, has driven us to participate in Aave’s governance as our first protocol.

We initially refrained from formally applying for delegation because we believe in proving ourselves before asking for anything in return. Now, we believe our profile stats showcase our dedication and the value we bring to the Aave ecosystem, indicating that our team is ready to take on greater responsibility.

As a new society, we are selective in our governance participation, focusing only on impactful projects within our capabilities. Our primary goal is to have our voice heard and actively participate in the governance process without seeking a significant amount of voting power.

By delegating to Bristol Blockchain Society, you support the decentralization of the Aave ecosystem and empower our passionate team to have a voice in the governance process. We are committed to making well-informed decisions in the best interests of the Aave protocol and its community, and your support will enable us to continue creating a positive impact on the ecosystem.

How will you connect with and contribute to the Aave community and governance?

Bristol Blockchain Society is dedicated to actively engaging with the Aave community and contributing to its governance. Our plan to connect and contribute includes:

  • Engaging in discussions: We will regularly participate in Aave Governance Forum discussions, debates, and share our views on the protocol and its governance, ensuring that our unique perspectives are heard and considered.

  • Active governance participation: We will be involved in the proposal and voting process, utilizing our diverse academic backgrounds and skill sets to make informed decisions that benefit the Aave ecosystem.

  • Building connections: We will connect with community members through various channels, including social media, Discord, and in-person events. Our aim is to foster collaboration and exchange ideas, knowledge, and best practices within the Aave community. Some of our members have already participated in past Aave in-person events, and we plan to continue this engagement.

  • Educational initiatives: We will organize and host educational events, workshops, and seminars focused on Aave for our members at the university, promoting knowledge-sharing and enhancing understanding of the protocol and its governance. We sincerely hope to invite the Aave team to come and talk at the University of Bristol, creating an opportunity for direct engagement and learning.

  • Collaboration with Aave team: We will seek opportunities to collaborate with the Aave team on projects and initiatives that can further advance the protocol and its governance, leveraging our combined knowledge and resources for the benefit of the ecosystem.

By connecting and contributing to the Aave community and governance, Bristol Blockchain Society aims to play a vital role in the protocol’s growth and success, ensuring that it remains a leading, innovative, and inclusive platform in the DeFi space.

Conflicts of Interest

Bristol Blockchain Society (BBS) is a non-profit organization focused on fostering education and awareness of blockchain technology. We want to emphasize that our main objective is to work in the best interests of the Aave ecosystem. We hold some voting power in the Arbitrum ecosystem and actively contribute to projects like dYdX without any monetary incentives or voting power.

Our involvement in these projects stems from our genuine passion for the blockchain space and our commitment to supporting its growth. As a non-profit organization, our intentions are not driven by personal gains or conflicts of interest. This ensures that our decisions and actions will always prioritize the best interests of the Aave ecosystem and its community.

Waiver of Liability

By delegating to Bristol Blockchain Society, you acknowledge that our participation in the Aave governance process is in good faith and to the best of our ability. We are not liable for any potential losses or adverse outcomes resulting from our involvement in the governance process.