Cambridge Blockchain Society Delegate Platform

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Delegate Address: camblockchain.eth
Twitter: @camblockchains


Founded by students in 2018, our mission is to foster Cambridge’s Blockchain Ecosystem by maintaining a distributed network of students, academics, professionals, and industry partners. We have a strong relationship with dozens of other university blockchain societies, heading a group of 100+ society presidents around the world.

We pride ourselves on our diversity of thought and expertise, drawing over 2000 University of Cambridge students and alumni mainly from computer science, but also from other STEM subjects, Law, Business, and Medicine.

What We Do

We aim to bridge the gap between academic research and industry innovation in blockchain.

In the 2021/22 academic year, we sent 60+ students abroad to ETH NYC, ETH Barcelona, ETH Lisbon, and ETH Amsterdam hackathons bringing home dozens of prizes from innovative projects.

We hosted fully integrated courses on Blockchain development, teaching hundreds of students how to develop Rust and Solidity smart contracts in partnership with NEAR, BAF, and Chainshot. We also hosted a conference in Cambridge with 500+ attendees.

Our society grew to over 2000 students, and we’ve connected members with innovators in the industry across dozens of DAOs, Web3 startups, and research organisations.

Delegate Statement

As the Cambridge Blockchain Society, we are excited to announce our candidacy as delegates to the Aave governance process.

With our strong background in blockchain technology and our focus on driving innovation and adoption in the space, we believe we are well-suited to help drive value for Aave token holders.

As members of the Cambridge Blockchain Society, we are part of a community of experts and thought leaders in the blockchain industry, and we have a proven track record of success in driving innovation and adoption in the space.

As delegates to Aave, we commit to voting independently and impartially, and to sharing our rationale and decision-making process with the wider Aave community.

Our governance sub-team is organised in several verticals with both protocol-specific and sector-specific subject matter experts. Discussion of our research on proposals takes place weekly and prior to our internal voting process. Our voting is an equally weighted, anonymised, democratic process made to ensure impartiality.

We believe that our unique perspective and skillset, combined with our commitment to supporting the growth and development of Aave, make us an ideal candidate for delegation. We hope you will consider supporting our candidacy and allowing us to help shape the future of Aave.