Can AUSDT/AUSDC be blocked?


im living in a totalitarian country and I always have the fear that my USDC/USDT can be blocked. Yes I know that holding your keys with ETH/BTC is the best way but lets say you need to stable out your balance from risks.

Now, since USDC/USDT can be banned if owned myself in my own wallet. What happens if I deposit/lend it on Aave and receive AUSDT/AUSDC. Can that still be banned since its within a smart contract? Or what happens if the USDC/USDT is getting banned?

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Maybe someone can correct me, but those assets cannot be blocked, as they are from Aave. But what could happen is that your USDC/T is getting blocked and thus you cannot repay your loan and get liquidated.


My plan is to supply my USDT/C on Aave receiving AUSDT/AUSDC in the progress. That AUSDT/AUSDC can be traded to different ETH addresses? So that I send the AUSDT to address 2 for example. And if i want to liquidate that position, will I get the locked USDT/C back that I previously provided or from the total smart contract?

Thank you