Freeze my 4500X AAVESTK that was transferred by a stranger. and donate to the AAVE community

Freeze my 4500X AAVE STK that was transferred by a stranger. and donate to the AAVE community

can see my updated post :

I hope everyone understands my feelings and what happened to me, I am one of AAVE’s eternal supporters.

Here is the address of the stranger hacker:

He applied for cooldown on Aug-14-2022 07:21:32 AM +UTC, which is illegally approved!

The community has ten days to vote to ban him early, I hope AAVE can help me for the prosperity and stability of the community

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First, my sincerest condolences for this happening to you. I would not wish this on anyone.

Like the responses on your previous post, this is the cost of decentralizing and custody over one’s own assets. From the best of my knowledge, I don’t think that AAVE is able to blacklist the tokens like Circle with USDC. But maybe they could block the address from using AAVE’s frontend? This is obviously not a solution but might help in some way.

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Yes, I hope the AAVE community can help me freeze his use of the web front end, but I don’t know how to contact the administrator because there are 7 days before he can transfer my 4500X AAVE

To clarify, this doesn’t make it so that they can’t transfer it but just a bit harder.

He must prove that the money is legitimate. Since I am an AAVE supporter and not a speculator, I don’t want him to destroy the AAVE community.

Hello, I’m truly sorry for what happened to you.

unfortunately, there’s simply no technical way to freeze the “hacker” funds.

as they are in control on your keys, (likely through a shady approval) it’s their aave now in the eyes of the ethereum blockchain (laws still apply but offchain)

the only option would be a long governor vote to alter the AAVE token contract but doing so is extremely critical, would require audits and an AIP with very large quorum + a timelock that is longer than unlock time.

Realistically, I’m sorry to inform you, your Aave is gone.

yes, According to the network protocol,my AAVE disappearing is my problem,I don’t need community responsibility, I just don’t want this guy to steal money from a community supporter, as Mr. MarcZeller you said,

If everyone in the AAVE community does not protect a legitimate supporter, where is the cohesion of the community? If AAVE’s network is destroyed one day, how will other protocol evaluate AAVE?

The difference between my problem and someone else’s case of theft is that

  1. I have enough evidence and 100% that it belongs to me

  2. When LEND was abandoned, I held TOP 100 tokens and always supported the development and promotion of the community.

  3. is ok, I don’t want to get it back if it’s stolen, I don’t need the community to be responsible for “me”, I just hope you can be responsible for yourself, if one day the community’s network or personal tokens are stolen, or attacked , I hope you, like me, can vote to ban “dirty addresses” with enough evidence

I understand your point of view, but Aave is decentralized.

There’s no magic button on my desk that can freeze users funds, that’s what DeFi means.

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Well, since I didn’t work on the design of AAVE

I just hope the technical team,, can technically limit this user’s easy money scam, if they can limit his transfers or make it harder for him to scam community members, it would be a healthy development for the AAVE community, instead of always discussing , decentralization, the existence of the community and decentralization is a pseudo proposition.

Decentralization = easy money scam? No consideration for the development of the community? If so, why do communities exist?

What is the point of why communities exist? Why do people vote? How about we all talk about how to scam, or scam for money. It would be nice to become rich, it’s very dark. I don’t want that.

But the community still needs members who are pushing him to join, but it requires them to really love the AAVE community, so it’s not fair to the people who really support the community and in a way, they don’t want to make money from AAVE.

So in my eyes, AAVE is not 100% decentralized, it’s a community token, it’s more of an ETH tool, it’s more of a “chomer plugin”, a token that grows by each member’s vote, and it wouldn’t exist without the support of everyone in the community.

I think AAVE died when it was abandoned in 2017, when it name is lend , and it wouldn’t have grown into the AAVE it is today without people like me backing him and some programmers in the community coming to keep maintaining him afterwards. So what? For a user who has supported the community for 5 years, it’s silly to always discuss AAVE = decentralization.

In the end, I don’t want my money back, I just want everyone to see that if I have enough money and I buy 60% of the AAVE token, then I am the one who decides if the community lives or dies?

AAVE = decentralized tokens? Really?

Or, AAVE = united community token

The last point I want to make is that everyone in the AAVE community has not rallied to protect the holders of the mining pool.

If one day the entire AAVE mining pool network is hacked or an accident happens that causes 80-100% of the tokens to fall.

uniswap or other defi would say.

Oh, AAVE is decentralized, it’s normal to get hacked, it’s not decentralized if the community defends it, and its community shouldn’t try to protect it because their founders say it’s decentralized, so to hell with AAVE. go die.

The AAVE community should be blaming the hackers who attacked the users of the mining pool to advocate how to prevent this type of accident or limit the next operations at this address, not to blame me, the real advocate, which would make other defi or competitors think we are very stupid.


what happened to you sucks. my only advise will be to open a police report of theft at your local police station. this will be very important as when the stkAave has completed the cool down period. The hacker may move these funds to an exchange. You will need to provide this police report for them to maybe block the funds.

i wish you luck and really hope an exchange can support you.


Thank you so much for your reply and for helping me, you are the only one who has come forward to help me unlike the other hypocrites on here who are spouting nonsense