Crypto Plaza Delegate Platform

Key Info

About Crypto Plaza

Crypto Plaza is the largest Hub in Spanish specialized in Crypto and Defi. This initiative was created at the end of 2018 and currently has a 1,000 m2 space in the center of Madrid where around 200 people from the sector work.

Crypto Plaza acts as an accelerator and has been investing and mentoring a significant number of companies in Spain and also internationally. It is also one of the main promoters of regulation in Spain related to Crypto, its founder being one of the main promoters of the SandBox in Spain through the Spanish Fintech Association.

The community has a wide public activity to try to evangelize about the strategic opportunity that this sector represents and opens its space for multiple activities on a recurring basis.

Every year it organizes the Crypto Plaza Forum, which this year has had its fourth edition. In one of its editions, the CEO of AAVE was a speaker. Crypto Plaza has been sponsors of ETHDenver, TheDAOist, and ETHBarcelona for several years. He is one of the main sponsors of Token Engineering and has been a very active part in the development of the Spanish-speaking community in this organization.

Delegate Statement (why you should delegate to us)

Crypto Plaza is located in Madrid, which is one of the main financial centers in the world and a bridge between Europe and Latin America. Important international banks, business schools and organizations such as IOSCO (The International Organization of Securities Commissions) are located in the city, which make up one of the most important innovation hubs.

Crypto Plaza during these last 5 years has developed an important reputation within the ecosystem for its support to startups and legitimate projects.

Crypto Plaza has a large community of professionals who can bring a lot of value as delegates and this year we want to carry this activity beyond the startups that are located in the space, since many of the professionals already work remotely.