Delegate to Llama

Hi Aave Community :wave:

Llama has been an active contributor to the Aave ecosystem and we would like to present ourselves to the community as a trusted delegate. We have created this thread to share more about Llama and how we vote.

Llama is the leading governance contributor for DAOs, working on protocol engineering, treasury allocation, and analytics. We have implemented protocol upgrades, designed treasury strategies and liquidity incentive programs, and built financial dashboards and reports.To date, Llama has deployed several internally written payloads and supported many more AIP submissions for Aave.

Here’s a sample of our work with Aave:

  • Treasury Vision
    • Comprehensive treasury management vision for Aave, outlining a governance structure, a philosophy around risk management, and key reporting objectives.
  • Asset Management Guidelines
    • Objectives, constraints, and risk management guidelines for Aave’s treasury.
  • Initial Treasury Strategy
    • Proposal to deploy a portion of the reserve factor to earn additional yield by acquiring BAL rewards on Balancer V2.
  • Updated Treasury Strategy
    • Proposal to consolidate Aave Reserve Factors and deploy the capital to BAL, CRV, CVX, stkAAVE, and LDO to earn yield and direct CRV rewards.
  • Treasury Analytics Dashboard
    • Easy-to-use resource for diving into Aave’s treasury balances and growth, revenue and expenses, token holdings, and see where the funds are coming from/going to.
  • Aave Guardian
    • Worked on the election and on-chain vote to set up Aave Guardian to temporarily hold keys of new deployments of the Aave Protocol on other chains.
  • Financial Reports
    • Monthly financial reports
  • Grants DAO renewal
    • Put up on-chain proposal to renew Aave Grants for two more quarters
  • V2 Liquidity Mining Program
    • Index Coop worked on this but Llama put up the on-chain proposal.
  • Strategic Partnership with Balancer
    • Acquire 300,000 BAL tokens via a combination of performing a BAL for AAVE token swap and deploying a Bonding Curve contract.
  • Consolidate Reserve Factors and Enable DPI Borrowing
    • Consolidate revenue earned on all Aave markets on mainnet into one reserve factor
    • Re-enable borrowing of DPI, after it was disabled with AIP-44
  • CVX Listing
    • Risk analysis and on-chain proposal to list CVX on Aave
  • Aave Governance Proposal Payload Template
    • An open-source template for creating AAVE governance Proposal payload contracts.

Outside of the Aave ecosystem, Llama contributes to Balancer, Gitcoin, Nouns, dYdX, Tribe DAO, FWB, and PoolTogether, among others. Our community consists of engineers, DeFi strategists, data analysts, financial analysts, quant analysts, and accountants.

Here are our core values:

  • Rigor. Work done by Llama is of the highest quality. We care deeply about getting the details right in anything we do: smart contracts, governance forum posts, or analytics dashboards. .
  • Trust. We seek to actively earn the trust of the DAOs we work with. We involve the community in our rationale and progress and incorporate feedback where relevant.
  • Transparency. We believe in open lines of communication and are comfortable working in a DAO-native manner.

We discuss each proposal internally, incorporate input from external experts and stakeholders, and then arrive at a vote on the proposal. We look forward to staying active within Aave and working together to grow the Aave protocol and its ecosystem. If anyone would like to delegate to us, please do so to the address shown below. Thank you in advance for any delegation!

Delegate Address: 0x5B3bFfC0bcF8D4cAEC873fDcF719F60725767c98

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