Fire Eyes Delegate Platform

Delegate Address: Fireeyes.eth

Forum: @James

Contact: @James_waugh (TG)

Voting record: Boardroom

About us

:fire:_ :fire:(Fire Eyes DAO) is focused on experimenting and participating within the DAO universe. Collectively, :fire:_ :fire:members are regular contributors to a diverse range of organisations playing critical roles in the development of the DeFi and DAO ecosystem.

:fire:_ :fire: has long been an Aave supporter and we’re excited to participate again as a delegate!

The mission of :fire:_ :fire: is to drive forward experimentation and innovation around governance, incentivisation and coordination in the Ethereum ecosystem. Our core thesis is simple, making ethereum better.

Outside Aave, we’re currently significant delegates in both ENS and Gitcoin. We’ve been active protocol politicians in a number of other DAOs, including Balancer and RocketPool.

Our members - James Waugh, Coopahtroopa, Lucas Campbell, and Callum Gladstone - have all lived and breathed web3 for the past several years and now find ourselves in a strong position to relay exciting developments, trends and ideas to strengthen Aave’s foothold.

Why us

:fire:_ :fire: has been involved with Aave since 2020 at the DAO’s launch. We’ve built a deep understanding of its protocol, community, vision and strategy, and have touchpoints with most key stakeholders.

We’ve created two successful AIPs in 2021 (AIP-8) and 2022.

We also demonstrated the ability to defend the interests of the protocol, be it for negotiating partnerships or keeping an eye on costs.

Why Aave

Aave is a cornerstone of Defi and we’re excited about its current prospects.

Most importantly GHO, which looks like a great step forward both for Aave and defi in general. We’re big proponents of more decentralization in the stablecoin landscape, and want to participate in its success.

We’re also going to focus on growth of the protocol via new type of assets and defi integrations.


Main goals

:fire:_ :fire:will use our expertise and connections focused on the GHO token launch and increased adoption in L2s to help the protocol grow.

I will contribute in the following areas:

  • GHO Token Launch
  • Adoption into L2s and other ecosystems

Area 1

  • Fireeyes will focus on how to give better context and feedback on the mechanisms that surround this stable coin.
  • We will work closely with the DAO to provide insight on risk management, token mechanisms, what to stay away from and future integrations of the GHO token.


  • The first KPI will be based on the mechanism and drop of the token, making sure mechanism and drop is sound and runs smoothly.
  • The second KPI will be surrounding the growth and impact of GHO.

Area 2

  • :fire:_ :fire:will reach out to our connections on the L2 projects/communities and introduce Aave to the proper channels and leaders in these communities.
  • :fire:_ :fire:will also actively participate as a delegate and a liaison between Aave and the targeted projects and ecosystems while relaying proper feedback from those systems so it is not a one sided growth plan.


  • The first KPI will be the actual adoption of Aave and GHO into L2s.
  • The second KPI will be increased communication and participation in L2s and other ecosystems.

Amazing to see Fire Eyes DAO team here to support the Aave Governance :fire:_​:fire: have worked with the team in the past and highly recommended Delegate Platform. Fire Eyes has been involved within the Aave community for the past few years. Lit :fire: