Gauntlet Recommendations for EURS on V3 Polygon

Gauntlet Recommendations for EURS on V3 Polygon

Simple Summary

Asset EURS borrow cap usage is at 89%. As per our Methodology, Gauntlet would support increasing the borrow cap for this stablecoin to 1.5M.


Asset Current Cap Borrow Cap Recommendation
EURS 947,000 1,500,000

EURs circulating supply on the Polygon Chain is approximately 2.5M. The proposed borrow cap recommendation will represent 60% of circulating supply.

As this recommendation meets the conditions outlined in the community’s V3 Cap Updates Framework, we will go direct to AIP without a Snapshot vote. We target an AIP on 4/21/2023.

AIP published:

This AIP has now been passed and implemented. We thank the community for their participation.