$GHO payments and investment in Aave using NFT as access key

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Nice to e-meet you.

I’m Kato from Slash Fintech.

We are developing "Slash Payment” that integrates crypto payments and DEX.
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・Supports 5 blockchains and allows automatic swaps and payments with over 1400 types of crypto currency.

・Reduce volatility by receiving sales in stablecoins.

・It can be started within 2 minutes, so set it up for EC sites and shops.

We can support $GHO payments and promote the construction of the $GHO ecosystem.

We are also developing an interoperability protocol “SlashVaults” using NFT as an access key.

Deposited tokens can be allocated for investment purposes.

The yield generated is deposited into Slash Vaults and can be reinvested.

NFT owners are free to transfer or sell NFTs with a portfolio built in Slash Vaults.

So, it enables investments in Aave from SlashVaults contract in the future.

■Our proposal

1 Payment can be made with $GHO at bars and sushi restaurants in Japan, promoting the generalization of $GHO.

・14 places in Japan you can use crypto payments with slash

2 Aave investment campaign by Slash Vaults

3 Collaboration with $GHO Stability Module(GSM) with companies that introduced Slash Payment

※GSM will swap other stablecoins for GHO on 1:1 basis.

■Future possibilities

We are expanding new concept of crypto payment using DEX to the global market.

We believe that GHO/Aave is ideal for market strategies that comprehensively update everything from payment to DeFi market.

Our greatest strength is realizing $GHO payments on e-commerce sites and sushi restaurants.

Let’s create a great future together with $GHO payment marketing and more.